A Closer Look: Uncharted 2

We all know that a system's graphics improve with age. But what difference can two years make?

Uncharted was (is) one of the best games ever released for the PlayStation 3. Back in 2007, it really showcased what the system could do if developers would focus their time and energy into pulling the most out of the platform. But with the release of Killzone 2 gamers are demanding that developers up the ante. We've already taken a closer look at God of War 3, so now let's take a look at Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and see why Naughty Dog is one of the greatest third party developers in the world of video games.

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slave2Dcontroller3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

This game looks to significantly up the ante over Uncharted 1. Honestly I didnt deem that to be possible, atleast not so drastically but man was I wrong. I'm not just talking about GFX either.

This next installment looks to be more diverse in terms of environments and thats exactly what I was hoping for. That snowy mountain that Nate is traversing looks sweeeeeeeeeeet. I cant wait to see the weather effects and plus its in India so I can only imagine how vibrant, colorful and cool the levels are gonna be.

I cant wait to pick this up. I wouldnt mind a December release date, it would be a perfect gift to buy myself.


jammy_703561d ago

uncharted was very fun and good loooking, i can see the sequel topping the 1st 1 in both looks and fun

nycredude3561d ago

This game is going to rock and I can't wait for it! BTW I am pretty sure Naughty Dog is internally owned Sony Studio.