Is the Stargate Worlds MMORPG Dead?

Is the Stargate Worlds MMORPG Dead? Cheyenne Mountain Money Problems & a new Lawsuit may delay the Stargate Worlds MMO Release Date....

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steve30x3561d ago

For those who like stargate and MMO games I hope not. I am not a fan of MMO games but I like stagate and wish they done the game as a single player game but I cant have everything my way.

Cheeseknight283561d ago

The only realistic way this game could have been done single player would have been to copy Mass Effect's formula. I'm not sure if they could have pulled it off even then.

This MMO really wasn't a smart idea in the first place and it definitely isn't one right now. WoW simply has a monopoly on the genre, if you want proof then just check the latest news on Warhammer and Age of Conan (The supposed WoW-killers). Both were forced to merge quite a few of their servers due to lack of population, Age of Conan moreso than Warhammer.

The only MMO that stands a chance is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Other than that... I guess DC Universe Online may be able to level off at half a million.

On second thought... they could possibly still get some customers if they either take the Guild Wars route and get money off numerous expansions, or make it a F2P MMO.