Mars dev: First and foremost, we want it to be a great PS3 game

Spiders Games, a new, independent France-based developer, caused a quite ripple last week when they announced their PS3 console exclusive RPG, Mars. Speaking exclusively to PS3Center, Spiders revealed that the PS3 is the lead platform of the title, and that their focus is, first and foremost, on making the title a great PS3 game.

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Dom63903561d ago

A publisher choosing PS3 due to its potential not to maximize sales, I hope this RPG follows fallout3s footsteps as I can see it flying of shelves if it does. Cant wait for more info and maybe some game play :)

Madgunner3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

im glad they picked ps3 for this... however i wish they do not follow in fallout success wise.. sure.. but gameplay wise i kinda like obliv more ^_^

EDIT: i dont think we will see gameplay anytime soon BUT.. heres hoping we get a good amount of info on GDC... i can see that happining.. SO MANY PS3 titles its almost surreal

gauntletpython3561d ago

We can always hope for GDC =P

TOO PAWNED3561d ago

Cool looking forward to it.

xboxrumble3561d ago

hasn't learned anything from factor 5 and free rad..

thePatriot3561d ago

from insomniac and naughty dog ;)

gauntletpython3561d ago

That would be great if Sony could back them up on this, since they are still looking for a publisher. They could have their own RPG series like the 360 has Mass Effect.

PirateThom3561d ago

The problem is, Factor 5 and Free Radical made games that would have bombed on any platform.

If Mars is good, they have nothing to worry about because there will be a market for it.

gauntletpython3561d ago

I actually don't think haze really flopped... well, critically it did, but it sold like 700,000 copies. that's certainly not floppage numbers.

FrankFoxJaegar3561d ago

true, its not like free radical or factor 5 are the only 3rd party devs to make ps3 exclusives. it worked great for konami

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