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Lfmesquite3533d ago

didn't make a difference at all.

ssj3533d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Killzone 2's sales boost was like a candle in the wind.

Lariat3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Those Killzone 2 + PS3 numbers should be considered incredibly disappointing for Sony fanboys in general. Lots of people will say "But..... but it was only for sale 2 days!!!" or "Wait til' March!!!" but that's hardly an excuse. I don't see this game doing any better in March, because some of the most powerful franchises in gaming have releases for that month (Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Resident Evil). With this, I hope fanboys learned their lesson and stop thinking that a game will miraculously save a console that has been destined to be in third place since it got released.

But don't worry, I have the solution for all you fanboys: Visit VGCHARTZ, look at those unofficial numbers and try to convince yourself that the games for your platform are going any good.

Aquanox3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I'll never understand why Sony released KZ2 the day before the Fiscal Period ended. It was largely outperformed by other titles. The hardware impact is barely visible as well.

Xbox 360 on the other hand, standing strong up 45% from last year.

tocrazed4you3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Like delusional. When did Killzone 2 release? Oh yeah February 27th or 26th. When did February ended? OHHH YEAH IN TWO DAYS SMART GUYS. That wasn't even a week of sales. And to add further insult what about SF4. Xbox 360 has such a huge install base compared to the ps3 in the US and only manage to outsell the ps3 Version by 40k? Wow... Maybe those reports that the ps3 and xbox 360 sold 50/50 for GTA was true.

John Hendry Eden3533d ago

No worries guys, Halo 3 sold only 2.7 million copies more than Killzone 2!

We were pretty close.


John Hendry Eden3533d ago

Poor Killzone 2.

It will be out of the TOP 10 next month.

Well, at least it looks good.

original seed3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Killzone made no difference. Lets wait till march. That sounds familiar

just wait till march of 07
Just wait till MGS4
Just wait till Xmas 07
just wait till 08
Just wait till LBP
Just wait till Xmas 08
Just wait till Killzone

Now i guess we will have to wait for Xmas 09 to see if Finally 2009 will be the year of PS3.


Ape, you're probably right. We might have to wait till the price drop. But im sure MS will be ready with one soon after. Sony needs to market their Big Games better so more people will buy them. We need more 1st party titles from them. They have 20 studios, where are all the games. Releasing one every 6 months is not going to cut it.

Edit at 1.14

All that as you claim but yet Sony has not been able to catch up to the initial 8 million head start.

THE REASON WHY THIS IS A BIG DEAL IS BECAUSE Sony Fanboys on here claimed that Killzone was going to be the game that ends all games. It was suppose to be the Halo Killer, the second coming of Christ. Yet 18 MILLION PS3 owners didn't care. Sure it may be at 1 million worldwide right now, a month later.

Looks like Killzone got Killzowned.

UltimateIdiot9113533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Quick to judge, 360 fanboys are. Fail to realize KZ2 for sale 2 days only, they do. PS3 exclusive slow but strong, always was, always will.

mint royale3533d ago

Killzone 2 didn't produce a boost per se but hardware for ps3 is much better than expected. Trouble is hardware is better than expected for the 360 and wii too so no ground gained really. It will be interesting how this transpires into March.

GiantEnemyCrab3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )


Killzone 2 released Feb 27th and only records 2 days this month on the NPD.

So before everyone condemns the low sales numbers understand that March will be much better. However, considering all the pre-sales mumbo jumbo that went around it doesn't look like anyone had 1 mil pre-orders in any region.

Rampant3533d ago

the millions of KZ2 preorders!!!

Lariat3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Xbox 360 sales are great. And those numbers are only going to get better next month thanks to the Resident Evil 5 bundle and Halo Wars.

ape0073533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

let's wait until the PRICE CUT

rhood0223533d ago

"just wait till march of 07
Just wait till Xmas 07"

You mean the year 2007 when the PS3 outsold the 360 for the year? Even with Halo 3 being released?

"just wait till 08
Just wait till MGS4
Just wait till Xmas 08"

You mean the year 2008 where the PS3 outsold the 360 for 7 months of the year INCLUDING the release of MGS 4?

LoVeRSaMa3533d ago

We all know the real issue here is all them people playing SFIV on an Xbox, poor poor people =[

Oh and PS3 is like 1st and 2nd in japan and Europe not too far in 3rd USA either, its the only place where Xbox holds ground which is a shame really.

UltimateIdiot9113533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

You fail to realize, not everyone picks up their copy on Day 1. Some wait a bit. Also those who order from online retailers, companies can't record the sale until the receiver accepts the package which I know many who end up getting their copy in March.

techie3533d ago

Two days folks guys, two days. Nearly sold as much as SF4 in two days. The bulk occurs in March. You guys are pretty idiotic.

na2ru13533d ago

rules out the positive reception and praise Killzone has been getting? The figures somehow managed to modify my copy of killzone 2's awesomeness down a level?

You fanboys seriously need to lay off the desperation. Killzone 2 is a cool game.

Immortal Kaim3533d ago

I agree with Mint. Strong hardware sales all round (Of course the Wii's sales are exceptional 'again').

Funny to see the fanboys flock to the NPD numbers, all coming out of the woodworks like c*ckroaches. ;)

Uwe_Boll3533d ago

As a GAMER why do these sales matter? Does a game become terrible just because it didn't sell very well. By most peoples logic on here wii fit, play and sports are the best games ever! Some of the best games made didn't sell well so they should instantly be disregarded. We should not care if a game sells well. I want some one to answer my question.

As a GAMER why do these sales matter?

II-Reaper-II3533d ago

Killzone has probably sold 2 million copies worldwide so far with little to no marketing at all.Whats the freakin problem ?its not like they spend 50 million dollars marketin the game like a certain game i know(halo2,3).We Playstation owners no quality when we see it.WE dont need to see comercials 24/7 on tv and on mountain dew cans to trick us into thinking a game is great.

ShabzS3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Gears 2 hit 1.5 million in ONE day in the US alone...

(Fight minions Fight... dont be rational ... use the anger ..)

John Hendry Eden3533d ago

This reminds me of the Little BIg Planet sales.

"Just wait til next month" and LBP was out the TOP 10 that month.

Poor Sony fanboys, they can't catch a break.

kws10653533d ago

But I start anyway.

Pre-order number is what the publisher sells to retailers, which means IRRELEVENT to NPD numbers. Is the word Shipping more familiar?

Whatever difference between pre-order and NPD number is a difference between what retailers keep and they sell for 2 days.

Oh...and I saw the pre-order in EU was shown but not in US. Was there any expected number in US? Because this number is only for US, it doesn't mean pre-order for EU is wrong.

LeonSKennedy4Life3533d ago

Week 2 sales for Killzone 2 were even better than week 1.

You guys need to grow up.

morganfell3533d ago

Killzone 2 didn't make a difference? Look at the software for the top 10. The 360 moved 639,000 units in the top 10. The PS3 (and it's supposedly smaller install base) moved 726,000 units in the top 10.

II-Reaper-II3533d ago

Bubbles for u rhood!!!Its funny that your getting disagrees because what u stated is actually 100 percent proven to be true.

jmare3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Can we all help it if there was nothing else good to play on the 360 at that time last year? Also, just because you're lemmings doesn't mean that the game is really that good.

EDIT: I like how everyone is focusing on Killzone 2 and ignoring the rest of the data.

For example, SF4 on 360 only did about 43K more than PS3. Which is sad considering that the 360 has millions of more units in the US than the PS3. And you can't use the "established franchise" argument because SF is an arcade game primarily. But what about the attach rate?

Also, the PS3 has 2 spots in the top 10 when it has struggled to get any games in the top 10 historically, and they are both new releases. Whereas the 360 has one new release and one 5 month old game. Disc scratching, anyone?

Lastly; both MS and Sony got the sh1t kicked out of them by Nintendo saleswise. I've never seen so many people srguing over first loser before. Or is it maybe that everyone subconsciously realizes ther is room for three consoles on the market but can't admit it without losing their fanboy status?

Vortigaunt3533d ago

I feel bad for SOny fans. Anyway, gonna play some Gears of War 2 right now.

zethos563533d ago

We'll be lucky if KZ2 is even in the top 10 next month.

soxfan20053533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )


Yeah, people were tricked into buying Halo 3. That's why 2 years, 8 million copies and millions of online games later, it's still being played relentlessly. Can you name any other game with that kind of replay value?

iHEARTboobs3533d ago

Damn it, that must mean the game isn't as badass as most people think. I guess we were all wrong. I guess if you're not a jillion seller on the first hour you're a failure. Oh well.

Uwe_Boll3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Ok so no one will answer my question why its so important to know whether one console has soled more than another. Why does a ps3 fan care about Halo Wars sales or a 360 fan care about KZ2 sales when it wont affect them.

arika3533d ago

for two days that is great sales. we will see what happens in march, if the killzone effect was effective on bringing up the sales of both hardware and software.
good sales though.

kewlkat0073533d ago

In the defense of LBP, that's a game that will sell well gradually. It wasn't the type of game that is hyped like a shooter pushing visuals. Remember the most hyped games are all about visuals and take much more millions to make. LBP will get it sales.

I'll see what KZ2 manage to do over time bu it so easy to compare it's releases to other top Shooters this gen. Of course while it is praised as the best, I'll see what type of PS3 owners that are really out there.

I keeps asking who is and who is not buying games?

frayer3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Killzone sales were for 2 days, the month ending Feb 28th and sold 300k+. SF4 was out since Feb 15th and sold only 400k. PS3 sales are up over 50k from the previous month. Killzone is still an unproven ip. Gears 1 didn't sell 2 mil in one day. COD 4 didn't sell 300k+ in 2 days. The 360 only outsold the PS3 by roughly 100k- 25k/week. PS3's install base is half of the 360 in NA. Failure indeed./ sarcasm

eagle213533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

This is the typical 360 fanchild:

"We love that our games don't win industry awards, get mediocre reviews and have multiple glitches. Who needs superior games and award winning new IP's: we have Too Human. We can't wait for all the multiplatform releases and DLC planned in 2009. Oh Microsoft, please make the 360 $99 with a coupon for Mc Donald's. Cause without our "teh second place" NPD data in America, we are just a sad excuse for a gamer."

CrazzyMan3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

And here are A LOT OF TROLLS, which don`t understand that Killzone 2 was selling only for 2 DAYS and did around 350k.

Uncharted in November 2007 in 10 days did around 120k, and now this game is around 3 mln. WW sales. =)

So, if PS3 games doesn`t make a very big launch week, that is compensated in long term.

Anyway, enjoy while you can(i mean till PS3 pricecut), because after THAT you won`t have that opportunity anymore.))

Sony spend it`s money on GAMES, not ads, so if game is GREAT it will sell GOOD in long term.

Rampant3533d ago

lot of butthurt people here.

Hyped games usually sell about half of their first week sales the first day, because of preorders and such. So 2 days of sales 350 thousand should make about 150k for the rest of the week. First week sales usually makes up a big chunk of first month sales, so I'd say we're looking at a maximum of 300k for Killzone 2 in March. MAXIMUM.

That's all

oh no...

Halo Wars sold 1 million already.

HDgamer3533d ago

from gamezine "Killzone 2 was only on sale for two days in the month, but it still managed to achieve impressive sales at 323,000 copies."

2 days at the end of the month and it moved that many copies.

RememberThe3573533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Any chance you guys get to hate on an other console, you jump right on it. How about you wait till your balls drop to open your uninformed mouths?

Anyway I thought Reeves was talking about 1.1 million pre-orders all together, which it looks like he was. And considering that Killzone 2 was riding on internet hype alone, it did rather well.

SCEA didn't push this game at all. It looks too me that they're saving their advertising budget for InFamous.

Killzone 2 could have killed first day... Good job SCEA... They really need to work on their advertising, it's actually getting old seeing all these great games with such lackluster promotions.

@SUP3R: I thought there was an article about a week back which said that Sony had just freed up a bunch of money so that SCE could advertise. I couldn't seem to find it though. However, the only mention of advertising I had heard was from SCEE.

One more thing I'd like to add. Am I the only one who realizes that SCEA advertises games after their release not before?

original seed3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

because the GAMER wins if a certain game sold well.

Sony and GG make more money if Killzone sells more. In return,
-The have more money to make sequels
-They have more money to make new IPs
-They have more confidence in experimenting on New techs

So the Gamers wins in the end because they will get another game. Hopefully a AAA game or a breath of fresh air.

The reason why Killzone sales matter so much to Sony fans is because Sony and GG will have more money and confidence to invest in more games that cater to Sony Fans needs.

The reason why Killzone games matter to MS Fans is because if the game sells poorly, It "might" mean more games for MS fans seeing how even big budget games dont sell on PS3. Maybe 3rd parties studios will be more willing to support MS with more games.

Edit- KWs

This months NPD matters as will the next and the next. Sure it still has time to sell but the majority of the Sales happen the first few day. I know Killzone 3 was mentioned but they might play it safe and recycle alot of Tech from K2 now that the sales were not as anticipated.

Also, Ninja Gaiden 2 sigma is practically already done due to recycling all of Ninja Gaiden 2. Its smart to re-release it. Its not like they are making a new game. Its not worth the gamble.

If Killzone doesn't persuade PS3 owners to buy games then i doubt a 3rd party game will.

Rampant3533d ago

The preorder numbers mentioned were always the store preorders, not the consumer preorders. There's no way Sony can know how many games a store has preordered.

Megaton3533d ago

NPD articles really bring em' out huh?

kws10653533d ago

In that sense, the number shown on NPD Feb 2009 doesn't really matter.

2 days sale doesn't say anything. Besides, it sounds like GG already confirms KZ3, when they interview before it releases.

Also, third-party movements toward PS3 is quite fast such as NG sigma 2 (plus another PS3 exclusive game from Tecmo which will be announced next week)

YungXclusive2K93533d ago

Omg you fanboys are the worst please n4g we need some bans immediately, because a game doesn't sell as fast as you would like it its a failure, get a fuggin life for crying out loud. You make it seem like killzone 2 is a bad game. The jealousy just screams through your ignorant words.

BTW smart guys it only was released for 2 Days before February ended.

You people are so insecure half of you were probally campaigning against Killzone 2.

200 Plus comments in the first hour means that you guys were egar to rant about this is which is ridiculous

SUP3R3533d ago

Wasn't there also a multi-million dollar marketing campaign SONY boasted about for Killzone 2? Now the story has changed and they've shifted that marketing cash to inFamous, then when that doesn't hold up it means they've shifted it to Uncharted 2...when will they finally spend that marketing money?? I'm thinking God of War 3 in 2010....hopefully.

StayHigh3533d ago

a lot of unintelligent xboxfanboys go out and buy another 360 when their system its the only reason why so many xbox360 sold that much last month..Great work you guys for supporting crappy system..

SuperM3533d ago

WOW, the fanboys are having a field-day today. Get a life will you.

Street fighter sold almost as much on PS3 despite 360 having almost twice the install base in the US then the ps3. Guess its safe to assume SF4 sold conciderably more on PS3 worldwide despite releasing a year later.

And KZ2 with only 2 days of sales only 80k behind SF4. And the bulk of the sales for KZ2 will also be in europe where PS3 has a larger install base.

DaTruth3533d ago

How does it feel to know your a console fanboy loser? You know who you are! Get a girlfriend or something!

Why o why3533d ago

c'mon fellas, use some common sense.

StephanieBBB3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I mean they've been pretty much smashed with how Killzone 2 looks like a CGI trailer, SF4 as a multiplat is selling better on the PS3 and Ninja guiden 2 is no longer exclusive.

Go ahead rant away at sony, let that month old bitterness out =)

frayer3533d ago


Danja3533d ago

KZ2 had 2 days of sale..and sold..350k..PRETTY GOOD....

as for the idiots who keep talkin bout Pre-orders Sony never commented on US Pre-Orders they said..over 1 million in EUROPE...IN EUROPE

overall 360 and Wii saw good sales..PS3 sales seems consistent..neither dropping...or gaining monthly....

next month we should see how well KZ2 actually did

cherrypie3533d ago


"Wait till march!". KZ2 wont be on the March Top 10. Remember that.

Bottom line for February 2009:

Xbox 360 391,000

The Xbox 360 destroyed the PS3. Again. Even after a massive "KZ2" advertising budget(!).

Oh, and for context February 2008:

PlayStation 3 280.8K DOWN 4.8K units.
Xbox 360 254.6K UP 135.4K units(!)

Anyone who has any dreams of "2009 Year of the PS3!!one!" better take a wake-up pill. Even after KZ2 -- which probably wont see the Top 10 list again until Sony bundles it with a PS3 -- the PS3 still **LOST** sales even with price cut since then.

Bottom line: Xbox 360 is running toward Wii, PS3 is out of the race.

thegood333533d ago

To be quite honest, all systems are looking pretty darn good. There is no big loser, just different shades of

rockleex3533d ago

Of these trolls in the past month... and HERE THEY ARE!! ^_^

Hell, I'll say 95%.

AuToFiRE3533d ago

Remember, NDP doesnt cover many stores, like Walmart

3533d ago
Dandiego3533d ago

Killzone 2 is a great looking game with bad controls... it's sad but true. It won't sell systems since you need a solid month of university to "get used to" the controls... and those gamers are not the type of people that buy systems. Rock Band sells systems, Guitar Hero sells systems this late after a system release because they are easy to get into... KZ2 doesn't sell systems. Hell I have all systems and I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Uncharted made more noise for me... but it didn't create half the commotion this game did. Its almost this game HAD to be good... and it WAS good before it came out. It's a shame because if you're honest with yourself you can clearly see this game is flawed or at the least ordinary.

Mikerra173533d ago

look at all the 360 fanboys who had to come out of the woods for this

Electricear3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

It's called Birging, and it stands for Basking In Reflected Glory (psych term). People choose side (fans) in all kinds of things like sport teams and in this case gaming consoles. When a given side "wins" the fans take it as a victory for them selves even though they really had little to do with it. The perceived victory causes a sense of euphoria in the fans and some search for opposing fans to tout their victory in front of as it helps preserver their euphoric feelings. Differing perceptions of what is victory in things like the "console wars" leads to heated, some times emotional, debates like we see in these forums. The reason behind a lot of the emotions is the fact that testosterone levels rise with a victory and lower with a loss, thus the birger desires to "win."

indysurfn3533d ago

All you people pointing out that it is only two days of sales forgot something. MOST GAMES Sales most of there games on the FIRST DAY OF RELEASE ANYWAY. Unless it is a game that has great replay like Halo, or a underrated game like gunstar heros. Excuse=fail!

xwabbit3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Its funny how fan boys feel happy because of sales lol. Yeah, Gears 2 must be way better than kz2 cus it sold more, i mean.... 4 vs 4 online ? thats fking intense, 16 vs 16 like on kz2 is much more challenging, i like my games easy and with lots of glitches. I like seeing all the glitch complains on the forums with gears unlike kz2 doesn't have em and the forums look boring cus there's nothing bad 2 talk about :/. I mean from gears 1 to gears 2 was a great improvement, 2 more players online, what more can we ask for!. I like to be blind and block reality, i dont like admitting PS3 is selling faster than 360 cus i just wont, dont wana make bill mad. 2008 was 360's year i MEAN did u see all those new games!.. dont know which where those but.... yeah... tho PS3 really did have more and better quality ones 2, wont admit that tho. I choose the 360 games cus they sold more so they are obviously better. Cus sales are all that matter. So what if i pay 120 bucks for a 120GB drive, i like it, i wouldn't want to have it easy and buy a 500 GB drive for the PS3 for just 80 bucks cus i like the challenge. I know PS3 has more quality exclusives but ill just ignore them and say they not good cus they not on my 360, ill say viva pinata was awesome cus thats a M$ IP and Too Human to, those games where GREAT(i didnt buy them tho). Even tho i dont see any improvement in graphics and online on my 360, ill stand by it and say is the best :). PS3 can keep improving i dont care, ill stay blind till my 360 dies for the 100th time :). Gears 3 will be amazing, i hear they will add 2 more people for online! 6 vs 6!, dont care if Resistance 2 has 64 player slots tho. I just like wasting 300 bucks for 3 games :). Halo, gears and fable, thats all i need, y would i want so many. I just love sequels from the same games over and over, nothing new :). Oh and i love how M$ spends more money on ads than the game, cus i like finding glitches on the game. Dk y M$ pays 3rd party studios for exclusives when they go to Sony voluntarily, dk y is that but i wont think its because they PS3 is capable of doing more of course ^_^. Only the 360 can do it all :). Ill stay blind and keep telling my self sales are all that matters ^_^

Major_Tom3533d ago

NPD data always attracts people who are too ignorant to notice the whole two days Killzone 2 when they were gathering data. This is N4G for you.

littletad3533d ago

Quite remarkable how well video games sold, in whole, despite there being recession. I'm quite happy for both systems, and Killzone 2 made a difference. It was barely released mid Feb. we will see the true effects not just in the next month but how well it's changed the idea that developers can do something fun with it's hardware. And kudos to the 360 for actually staying in strong, despite fanboys claim it had no "great lineup" for 2009.

soxfan20053533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )


"I know PS3 has more quality exclusives but ill just ignore them and say they not good cus they not on my 360"

Exactly where is your information coming from? Look at Metacritic:

PS3 exclusives rated 90 or higher - 4
360 exclusives rated 90 or higher - 5 - plus several XBLA exclusives

Quality does matter, and despite what you think, the PS3 does not have a monopoly on quality exclusives. You are too blinded by your devotion to Sony to see the big picture. You're not the first though - people have been under-estimating the 360 for years.

xwabbit3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )
Btw... i own 5 things from Sony.. PS3...TV...3 PS3 games.. I dont care about brands i care about good games. I play 80% of my time on the 40% after killzone 2 but yeah..... i really dont like playing on console. If u see my xfire game status u'll find over 3 thousand hours on UT2004 and at least 20 hours in the past 7 days lol. 90% of my games are from PC. I wright like this most of the time to see what people reply to me cus is fun watching people defend their system.

XxZxX3533d ago

easily recovered from Japan, 30*4 = 120K. stalemate. Even UK now fall into PS3 hand. So nothing to see here except PS3 is gaining strength.
Move along.