Gamespot: MLB 09': The Show Review

Gamespot writes, MLB 09: The Show is absolutely authentic in just about every way. The Show is more of a love letter to baseball than it is just another game. Of course, nothing will ever take the place of the real thing, but anyone with a serious fondness for the national pastime will find this an enthralling substitute.

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eagle213440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

The best baseball simulation on the market. :)

And how the heck could anyone disagree when Gamespot gave 2K9 (360) a freakin' 4.5/10. lol

Samer3053440d ago

Great score for the best baseball game on the market. Anybody that has a ps3 and buys 2k baseball needs to be smacked.

Supernatural243440d ago


and if only MLB The Show had the license to the WBC..but it doesn't matter for now

PimpHandHappy3440d ago

im trading in some games for this one
Street Fighter
World at War

garypaytonglove3440d ago

I enjoyed reading it almost as much as I did when I read it 8 days ago. Awesome...