IMG Review: Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

Ever since the original release of Darwinia, there has been demand for a sequel. Its entertaining combination of action and strategy was very effective and only lacked in one area: it didn't have any support for cooperative or competitive multiplayer. As such, any sequel would ideally have another excellent campaign and an attached multiplayer version with the same mechanics.

Unfortunately, Multiwinia has neither. It takes Darwinia from simple, yet elegant to just simple. The main disappointment is that there is no campaign or story whatsoever. What's worse, though, is that the strategy has been reduced to simple mass troop movement and placement. Instead of being able to create your own squads, armor, etc., and research new technologies as the game continues, you're stuck with crate drops and simple orders of darwinians. The latter is definitely the worse of the two.

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