Kotaku: Growing Up Games: When Will Mature, Mature?

Kotaku writes:

"From Lara Croft to Grand Theft Auto, though, it seems video games have tossed in a pair of boobs and called themselves mature–but that's what adolescents do, not adults. Writer and designer Erik J. Caponi of Bethesda Softworks agrees: "We think of the word 'mature' as a rating more than we think of it as a narrative goal or a certain set of subject matter," he says.

"The word really has two meanings when we apply it to media. One is 'not appropriate for children' and the other is 'exploring subject matter in a sophisticated fashion,'" Caponi explains. "Ironically, the word mature when applied to games tends to have a very childish connotation."

As he aptly puts it, "Maturity does not come from the number of f-bombs you can manage to drop, but rather from the subject matter that you choose and how you explore it.""

This original article, written by Leigh Alexander, goes on to explore the meaning behind the word "Mature" and analyze it in relation to the gaming industry.

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