Why Sony Should Help Square Enix Remake Final Fantasy VII

The remake for Final Fantasy VII is one of the most hotly-anticipated titles. While Square Enix may not have enough resources to develop it, Sony could step in and help them out.

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Genesis53533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Yeah cause Square has done so much to help Sony this gen. Really though it could be in both their best intrest to make this happen. It would move lots of software and hardware

rockleex3533d ago

The puddle. -_-"

They've released so many FF7 related stuff. FF7: Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, FF7 anime, etc!

They know they will make SO much money if they just remake the darn game. It seems like they would rather sloooowly milk the franchise out until people no longer care for it before they FINALLY do the remake. -_-"

iamtehpwn3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I couldn't handle that much orgasm at once either XD

Also, I'm fairly sure Sony can fund half the game. An FFVII remake would take $30-50 million, the benefit would be *significantly* above that.

40cal3533d ago

Because at least a million of us want it! I think that's a good enough reason.

Blaze9293533d ago

anticipated? How can something that isnt real be "one of the most hotly-anticipated titles" ?

JoySticksFTW3533d ago

Why wouldn't they? It's like a license to print money

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Skyreno3533d ago

yup square did help them and sony also help them with final fantasy 7 original so preatty sure they will help them on this game only on REMAKE

JuJuRMJ3533d ago

But why a remake? Why not a continuation of the story? I was engrossed and immersed in FF7 when it released and enjoyed it immensely and forever will be one of my all time fav RPG's. Is the remake for a younger gaming audience who can't just play the original and not enjoy it if it doesn't look like FF13 graphics wise. If FFX had a sequel why not FF7, I would love to play an entirely new edition to the FF7 universe and not a remake with updated graphics and be like " I've done/experienced this before".

blackpanther253533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

a sequel would be hot only if they got the original scriptwriter(or whatever they are called) to write the story for the sequel. If not that its gonna be like FFX-2 and onward storywise.

Edit: oh yeah they did do a squel its called Dirge of Cirburis and it is crap

iamtehpwn3533d ago

The original Final Fantasy VII is a classic, many veterans of the game maybe very enraged if too much is changed, which is sometimes needed for the sake of upgrading the over all game.

Final Fantasy VII-2 can introduce new ideas, and more refined gameplay, also a conclusion---And answer to where the HELL did Genesis fly off to at the end of Dirge o_o

grantps33533d ago

because square enix isnt loyal enough to sony to do anything themselves

JuJuRMJ3533d ago

Really lol, Dirge was a PS2 title right? Never got the chance to play it but for a highly beloved title like FF7 they should pull out all stops to create a true sequel that would match or at least surpass the original.

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