Re-Release is the New Black

GamesAreEvil writes, "Re-releasing games is nothing new. Sometimes it's just something as simple as a re-press with a new edition number on the spine of the CD or DVD. Other times, it's a full re-hash, with new graphics, features, materials and more. Despite all the additions, it's still the same game, and that, depending on the game itself, could help sell, or help it stick to the shelves."

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killyourfm3528d ago

There's nothing more powerful than nostalgia. It always opens *my* wallet :-(

bgrundman3528d ago

the good part is now you can get whole collections of these games for very little money.

CrAppleton3528d ago

Yeah.. that's true.. nostalgia is a powerful beast

Neco5123528d ago

Where's my Mario Collection?

bgrundman3528d ago

The Sonic Ultimate Collection was such a perfect example of this done right!

CrAppleton3528d ago

There are some games that I would like to see in addition to what's on here.. but how can you complain?

Neco5123528d ago

Can't complain but who wouldn't want more after getting these games?

bgrundman3528d ago

Who doesn't love retro gaming?

Cajun Chicken3528d ago

and Black was also awesome.

MRIBNthewind3528d ago

This is what emulators are for. My PSP is full of everyone of those games and more. I have Nintendo, Sega, SNES, and N64. All run great except for the N64 one. Top That!!

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