Top 5 Upcoming Xbox 360 Games of 2009

The year of 2009 is already set for some of the best gaming titles to be released in a long time. There will be high octane gun blazing action, brand new immersive RPG universes, and everything in between for the Xbox 360 this year. Popular franchises will be making a return with standTop 5 Upcoming Xbox 360 Games of 2009 alone titles and even the comic genre may reach a never before seen standard in the video game industry.

Here are the top 5 upcoming Xbox 360 games of 2009.

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Pennywise3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Halo 3: ODST; - EXCLUSIVE (add on content)
Batman: Arkham Asylum; - MULTI
Dragon Age: Origins; - MULTI
Mafia II; - MULTI
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - MULTI


No reason to buy an xbox here.

KionicWarlord2223559d ago

then theres no reason to buy a ps3 ethier right ? lol joking they both have there reasons halo odst is an a hard copy game alot hallo fans will enjoy it.

AngryHippo3559d ago

....are we not allowed to enjoy multi platform games anymore? It doesn't say anywhere 'exclusive' so I really don't understand what your point was?! Why can't they be top upcoming Xbox 360 games even if they are multiplatform?! I guess IF the likes of Mass Effect 2 come to the PS3 it wouldn't be considered another reason to buy a PS3?!no, due to it being multiplatform?!

'No reason to buy an xbox here', but people keep doing exactly that, buying xbox 360's and I can't really see it stopping any time soon even though they ONLY have '4 MULTI; 1- EXCLUSIVE' for '09.

Pennywise3559d ago

Angryhippo, first off... your name is suiting.

secondly, as a PS3 owner and a prospective gamer - there is not one reason for me to buy an xbox 360 based on this game list. If I wanted halo, I would own one already.

My point is, I like to look at lists like this to see if these games will sway me to purchase another gaming system... surprisingly - NO there isnt a reason for me.


Rockox3559d ago


Did you hear they're remaking Stephen King's It? What's your take on that?

Pennywise3559d ago

Rock, I didnt hear that... very interesting!!! When is it supposed to be releasing?

Rockox3559d ago

Not sure. I heard it on EP Daily (Canadian geek show). Apparently, there's talk of a theatrical remake. Still just talk, though.

blackpanther253559d ago

lets hope its not a giant alien spider >.> so lame

Rockox3559d ago

...a giant spider that they punch to death. Haha!

I was wrong, Warner Bros. has hired a writer to work on the screenplay (the same guy who wrote the latest Body Snatchers remake and who is working on the Escape from NY remake). Tim Curry cameo, perhaps?

Pennywise3559d ago

Yeah the made for TV movie was corny... hopefully its done right. Good news.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3559d ago

PS3 2009 = uh.... Killzone 2... and uh.... Killzone 2

BX813559d ago

You are the brightest one here in clown college.

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Rhezin3559d ago

but I think Arkham asylum will be better played on 360 seeing as UE3 doesn't really fit the ps3 that well. I wouldn't get the game even if I did have a 360 though. I've given up on comic book games, there were a few that did well, like The Darkness and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

I'll be picking up Marvel: UA2 instead of Batman.

Hell-Reaver3559d ago

"but I think Arkham asylum will be better played on 360 seeing as UE3 doesn't really fit the ps3 that well"

Unreal Tournament 3 is UE3 on the PS3 and it looks great. don't really think that point fits. I've played UT3 and it looked and played great.

Hopeing batman does the same, excited for that game.

Cajun Chicken3559d ago

Damn. Did I miss someone talking about the fantastic Earth Defence Force 2017?

Doctor_Doom3559d ago

I would really like to see what Rare got for us this Year

Beardown823559d ago

I would think that a list of TOP upcoming games on the 360 would include more exclusives. Oh well. Guess I can just look forward to the PS3 lineup.

original seed3559d ago

It took Killzone 4 years. Dont hate on Alan Wake.

memots3559d ago

Alan "pc tech demo" Wake

Is the only one ?

Osdt mandates a buy from me.

Ill probably get Alan Wake on pc since it looks better on pc anyway.

meluvulongtime3559d ago

I sure hope MS has something up their sleeves for exclusive games besides another Halo title

Lord Vader3559d ago

Where's SC: Conviction ?

I wish Alan Wake & Mass Effect 2 were coming Q4.

Ausbo3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

obviously you don't know that the team is working on alan wake is ridiculously small. Killzone took 4 years with a much larger team. Alan wake will probably come out next year, making it 5 years with a smaller team.
Ps3s lineup is amazing coming up, but we still don't have solid release dates on those titles. God of war, heavy rain, and mag probably will all be pushed to 2010

bujasem_893558d ago

I think u mean only 5 upcoming games for 360 in 2009 lol

SL1M DADDY3558d ago

Wouldn't the list be a better showing of the systems 2009 line if the games they mentioned were exclusives? That list is kind of sad actually... For MS that is.

Saigon3558d ago

why every time that gaming sites or news sites talk about xbox 360 games they seem to always be multiplat...

Rainstorm813558d ago

what about the ten year debacle that was Too Human????

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