Atelier Rorona screenshots show cel shaded graphics The studio's latest title on Playstation 3 has evolved signifigantly.

Synthesizing multiple items, creating new items, all the elemnts of the old games retun in this next generation title. The novice alchemist Rorona's adventure exploring fields to collect materials sees the series reborn in 3d. For the first time in the series the game will feature full voice acting.

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TheColbertinator3559d ago

I honestly expected better graphics.The sprite-based animations are outdated but these cel-shading graphics have no ambition

Chris3993559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

That's how you came into the world.

Stop being such a troll and wait for more information before passing judgment. And do a little research/ show some insight on the series. These games were never about flashy graphics (though they have AWESOME special effects). They are about solid, engaging, quirky game-play.

I'm sure that Atelier Rorona will have that in spades.

P.S. Look at some of the combat animations, the engine looks really well done.

Skyreno3559d ago

lol well it looks okay not great but good :) i will get game very intresting

Kamikaze1353559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Looks great, but the environments look like crap. Still, this is a huge leap compared to Disgaea 3. I really hope this gets an American release. Or at least a European release so I could import it.

Chris3993559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

And if they keep the addictive qualities of the series and mix in some flashy combat, this will be an EPIC JRPG.

This should really be the year that I finish learning how to read kanji; I'm sick of waiting for NA releases.

Regarding the "graphical fidelity", look closer at the engine. The battle animations are where it's at.

The character models have a clean Naruto: NS look to them. I like it. And the game-play will be extensive and lengthy, which is what people play the series for.

rockleex3559d ago

The graphics are looking really good! ^_^

Hopefully the special effects cast light on the character models like in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

B-Rein3558d ago

very nice (like the grahics and style), hope thers a eu release of this game

Giriath3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Why disagree with Kamikaze? He only said that the environments look crap, and I agree. Character models, the HUD and battle effects all look great though. I want more information and a US/European release.

The character models are the best cel-shaded ones yet. The detail is better than in Eternal Sonata and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, and it doesn't have any aliasing issues at all.

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Skyreno3559d ago

well hope released it in America looking at image, feel like looking at dragonquest 8 PS2 game, but this game has slighty better graphics

360RRODFIX3559d ago

It reminds me of Dark Cloud 2

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