Sony: "We have NO immediate plans to drop the price of the PS3 system"

Straight from the horse's mouth there are no PS3 price drops planned for the immediate future. This confirms what we've heard from other sources and VGChartz along with most major analysts expects Sony to announce a two-stage price drop for PS3 this year - $50 around June time and a further $50 before the holidays. Stay tuned for more developments.

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Pennywise3562d ago

How many times have we heard the same thing before price drops, sku changes, accessory changes....


creeping judas3561d ago

What are you doing on this side??

Pennywise3561d ago

Bah... I got banned for a couple days. I had words with a wii fan and I got the short end of the stick. lol

TheColbertinator3562d ago

lol whatever.

I got a PS3 already so I don't really care

YungXclusive2K93562d ago

Ooo well im enjoying Killzone 2 now, any smart game buyer wouldn't care to pay for a ps3 because no real gamer would buy the 360 arcade and the pro is only $100 less than the ps3 which has Killzone 2 and MLB 09 Sonys 2 AAA Aces

creeping judas3561d ago

you lost me right after "enjoying killzone2", the rest of your post doesn't make any sense??

chrisnick3561d ago

2 AAA in less than a month, kinda sick...not too mention flower...still waiting on fat princess gonna pwn the hell outta that game.

eagle213561d ago

I thought that with all the talk of "price drop" sales would be weaker on internet sites like amazon. But no, PS3 jumped 4 spots up this week from last week on amazon. :)

Shadow Flare3561d ago

Yeah and sony denied they were dropping the price last time, and then a few days later, they dropped the price. We've also had 3 leaks from retailers about a price drop. So me thinks there will be a price drop very soon

StephanieBBB3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Exactly, It's bad buissness to let people know that your going to drop the price before you do it. It's like saying to your bud, "Hey, you can buy these beer's I've got for 10 dollars or you can wait untill tomorrow and get them for free.

Sony knows that customers aren't stupid, they will wait untill you've droped the price before they buy your products. The best thing is to wait untill a major event comes along and then surprise everyone with a price drop so as many as possible gets to know it.

Saigon3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

you want to risk the chance of reducing sales...keep it unofficial until the official is not a creditable source...if he email them, which it looks like he did, most techs do not know whats going on until it happens, or they are prepared to act stupid...seriously, how stupid do you think Sony is...

edit: How the hell did this get approved...

Aquanox3561d ago

Waiting to June is way too risky.

February will be the 6th month in a row where Sony gets outsold in the US by Microsoft and it seems that the figure is similar (yet not by such a large margin) in worldwide sales. Add to this the fact that KZ2 was "strategically" scheduled for late March, which means, spreading its thunder into two different months... how brilliant ...

By June, Sony will have been in the trail for 10 months in a row (Yes, almost a Year) in addition, that's the month where E3 takes place, which gives Microsoft all the opportunity to keep their mouth shout until the big event trusting that they wouldn't have their thunder stolen by a PS3 price-drop before that.

All in all, I find Sony strategy extremely awkward. The only explanation I can find is that they're pushing by financial contractions and not obeying strategic decisions.

blind-reaper3561d ago

"yeah we will drop the price of the PS3 in 1 or 2 weeks please DONT buy any until then" XOXO Ken Kuturagi


SixZeroFour3561d ago

i understand that its not good business to announce a price drop and risk sales drop..but do you guys really not mind that IF sony really is planning a price drop that they are basically screwing over ppl that are purchasing the ps3 right now rather than later JUST for the sales competition

i know when i was planning to buy my second xbox360, i held off when i found out that there was a price drop soon...and i know i would have been pissed if microsoft went along and said that there wasnt going ot be a price drop anytime soon and then go ahead and DO the price drop a couple days or weeks after i bought it

just my opinion

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Mr PS33562d ago

I'm not Bothered
Still got plenty of Great Games to look forward to
Price drop or no price drop

BGDad3562d ago

I paid $600 and feel I got a heck of a deal. Im not joking either. I definitely got my moneys worth... Still kicking as well.. Wish I could say the same about my 360. I paid less and definitely feel like I got A LOT less. On my 4th console that no longer gets played. Havent bought a new game for it since Grand Theft Auto? Passed on Gears 2 after playing at friends, cool game horrible community. They ruin online i swear.

Was thinking of picking up Left for Dead until i found out its on PC. So that went out the window.

Xbox seriously needs some games. They can brag about gears all they want but Microsoft doesnt have 1% of the games it had say in the 1st year and half. I think they ran out of steam personally. You can only buy so many games.

KionicWarlord2223562d ago

but in sales terms xbox 360 games are enjoyed alot by the community.i wouldnt say they need games.

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