Ninja Gaiden Sigma II: First shots

The first shots of PS3-only Ninja Gaiden II update, Sigma II have just appeared online.

Tecmo's just announced that an announcement is coming on March 24 for Sigma II... except it looks like Famitsu's already made that announcement.

The game's due to launch this autumn in the US "followed by Europe" later.

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Pennywise3533d ago

Looks good so far.. I want to play a demo to feel the camera out.

WildArmed3533d ago

The camera view was really bad, it pissed me off. I picked up NG sigma day one, and had to return it shortly after.. same went for NG2..

morganfell3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Well according the publication 'We be Xbots', there was nothing wrong with the camera in NG2

BGDad3533d ago

Seriously I had no issues what so ever with the camera? It allowed you to pan wherever you wanted?

Sigma was awesome, have a 360 but never got the 2nd might consider it, if everything is upgraded.

Gue13533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

for me the camera is bad but only in parts were there are a lot of platforming sections but when battling, it's fine.

BTW the game already looks miles away better than the original version! But the outfit of Ayane is gross!

Let me tell you that Team Ninja doesn't know anything about girl fashion.

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morganfell3533d ago

Sweet, another game in March. Time to flex my knuckles on Ninja Gaiden Sigma to get ready for the ultimate edition of Ninja Gaiden 2.

The gaming GOD3533d ago

they just made the announcement in March.

The game itself won't be out till autumn.

morganfell3533d ago

Whooops, misread that. Thanks for the clarification. That is actually a good thing as I am deep in KZ2 MP, Resistance Retribution, RE5, and RA3 releases in a few days.

Blaze9293533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

i thought this was gonna be graphically enhanced...looks the same to me.

I just hope they adjust the difficulty this time around, NG2 wasnt even hard, just frustratingly CHEAP. I guess thats a new difficulty in Japan, cheap mode where one rocket takes all half your health.

GVON3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

not played it before,but is this one of those giant bosses that are supposed to be added.

StephanieBBB3533d ago

It looks silky smooth. Is it just me or does the PS3 add more depth to the visuals?


Might be motionblur or something :S

GUNS N SWORDS3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

so far all these shot are bullet shots, and yes this is that very same ninja gaiden 2 engine that was used for 360's version, so it's a port.




(pic taken from a vid, only thing i could find at the moment)

and (GVON) that's just a falling statue.

rockleex3533d ago

She actually looks more realistic in this game, thus making her look even sexier. ^_^

IdleLeeSiuLung3533d ago

I'm looking forward to this game as well, but ultimate version will probably stay on the 360. The way Itagaki intended it.

nycredude3533d ago

Hmm that funny cause in reality I am sure a rocket would pretty much take all of your life, so half i think is a good compromise.

Cenobia3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

If you're gonna play that game, in reality ninjas are assasins that use stealth, and also there were never any rockets back when ninjas existed.

Where are the real ninja games? I miss the stealth of Tenchu.

Ninja Gaiden has never appealed to me at all. It's good to see the PS3 owners that want it will get it now though.

Blaze9293533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Oh yeah becuase in reality, Ninjas DO exist. Also videogames ARE reality. In reality, Ninjas existed in a age of high technology.

Microsoft Xbox 3603533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )



You can tell Ryu is higher in polygons and in skin texture for the PS3.

sonarus3533d ago

Is this game running on NG2 engine or is it running on enhanced sigma engine? Cus i have heard both things and now i am confused

Richdad3532d ago

But its still very small or minor improvement than NG2 on 360 after a year. If the dev team had used the new texture streaming technology then they might have been able to improve the visuals dramatically.
I wonder why didnt they did so.

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fullmetal1563533d ago

the pic with ryu and ayame dualnimpo looks awesome and than sword looks hot i only made it to like stage 11 on the other one dint have much time to play was that sword in there? anyway cant wait to play this.

DanteLinkX3533d ago

That sword wasn't in NG2, this one seems to be the a NEW upgraded level to the weapon, wich just adds a few moves and different looks. They might do that to all weapons in the game, can't wait.

Kal11383533d ago

but I'll still get this!

no-spin3533d ago

did you notice the characters dont have the fake shiny look?
I feeling itchy for this game

StayHigh3533d ago

Yeah i see NG fans getting this game since most likely they will fix everything that was wrong in NG2 for the 360..A lot of great games this year for PS3 owners..Microsoft better announce something during E3..I dont want Sony to slack off i want them to keep bringing the games to us..I am looking forward to Team ICO game!

jack_burt0n3533d ago

makes me want DOA 4 Hardcore :(

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