GameRanger Improvements Revive and Extend Multiplayer Life of PC Games

GameRanger Technologies today announced that GameRanger, the PC multiplayer online gaming service for over 500 games, added improvements to give games a longer multiplayer life. Rather than waiting around for a multiplayer game, people are now immediately notified the moment anyone wants to play a game of theirs that interests them.

GameRanger's new notifications mean that people can be always ready for a game even while occupied with other PC activities by simply having the GameRanger icon in the system tray. This increases the pool of available players for all games at all times. Once people have decided they want to play, GameRanger handles the rest so they have no need to worry about the usual headaches of network issues or connection problems.

Most multiplayer games have a spike of activity just after release and then trail off, making it increasingly harder to find others to play against. Some games never even reach the levels needed for their built-in lobbies and auto-matching in the first place. Potential players end up quitting out of frustration or boredom before they find a match, perpetuating the problem, because they can't do anything else while they wait.

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