LG 'confirms' OLED supply for new iPhone

LG has signed a multi-million pound deal with Apple to provide OLED screens for a new wave of iPhones, iPod touches and a forthcoming netbook, according to sources from Australia.

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meepmoopmeep3472d ago

hopefully this is out by summer when i pick up my iPhone

joydestroy3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

this would be a major reason for me to go from my 3g to a new version. if they don't come out with it this summer, though, then i will be waiting until next year.

butterfinger3472d ago

seems to think we will see a new iPhone around June.

sonarus3472d ago

I was going to get one in April but it seems like new one is coming out. Nothing more annoying than buying something only to see a new version come out a few months later.

I am just gonna chill to see if a new version comes out

jay23472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

GRRRRRRR, I just bloody bought a touch 2 days ago, I'm NOT happy!

jay23472d ago

I might just do that.

joydestroy3472d ago

but keep in mind it might not come out until next year. i find it hard to believe that they will have it ready for the summer. but i suppose it's possible.

jay23472d ago

Yeah, I'm serously considering my options.

PS360WII3472d ago

Well well. Here I was just going to nab the 3G as my 1st gen one keeps running out of room ;) but I suppose I can wait for the 3rd round of iPhones.