Nvidia Takes PhysX to The Wii

via Aeropause

"Nivida announced the release of a development kit to bring their PhysX technology to the Nintendo Wii today. Any company that is a registered developer for the Wii platform will have access to the PhysX development kit."

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ChickeyCantor3533d ago

I can understand both GPU's of Nvidia en Ati support some of the same inctruction library(like OPENGL?)...but how efficient will it work on the ATI model?

condorstrike3533d ago

this is very good news for the wii, which already is pretty good with physics, imagine an even better boom-blox, or some cool looking blood in madworld 2 or no more heroes 2....:).

FinalomegaS3533d ago

Honestly I don't see much usage on my laptop having 4 gigs of ram and 2 X nvidia cards, maybe it's worth it but for gaming consoles this could help them more. they don't have the option of just upgrading the main system, all this tech talk is making me hungry... oh while I'm stuffing my face, anyone know is you can have the phys X chip in a console?