Beware: XBox Live Accounts are being Phished

A collection of approximately 270 sets of login details have been Phished through a fake XBox Live login page.

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jack who3533d ago

"Phished via a fake XBox Live login page"

how can you fake wrong spelling? how?

Sibs3533d ago *shrugs*

Some people can be really stupid.

FredFredrickson3533d ago

Is there a single online service that hasn't been phished before?

hendersonman3533d ago

This happened to a good friend of mine. He went to a site and it was giving away free XBL points, and they needed your Log in ID and such to get them.

They changed his account info so he could not log in, and bought a bunch of points on his credit card attached to his gamertag. It took MS several months to track the guy down, he had to actually log on one more time to nail him, and they were able to reset the account and get it back to my friend... Who now has tons of Rock Band Songs and Are you smarter than a fifth grader as gifts.... but his CC company refused to refund his account since he freely gave out his info.

MGRogue20173533d ago

You'd have to be a complete noob or an Idiot to do this anyways..

And I would bet all my money that nearly all of the 270 were stupid! lol