I Came To Bring The PAIN

Official PlayStation Blog:

"My Peoples, it's no secret that PAIN is the People's Game. Our community has asked us for certain features or types of gameplay, and we've taken that feedback and turned it into modes, characters, bug fixes, and so on. No doubt, continued development of PAIN is a time-consuming process filled with pitfalls and turmoil, but in the end, it seems to be working out for the best. We never seem to be able to give you enough content quickly enough, but we get some quality feedback every time we release new content (not just praise – constructive criticism is welcome, too).

We're about to drop the Smack Pack on you (sold separately), which includes the Darts and Fortress game Modes..."

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Muggles3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Online added, and that patch is free! Will definitely add some replayability.

-EvoAnubis-3533d ago

Once again, listening to the fans. Makes that article from the other day seem even more idiotic.

BGDad3533d ago

Havent booted up but man did they add a lot to that game. I did get the trophies after awhile :) Probably one of my favorite downloadable games of all time!

Nothing better than a crushed cranial explosion! lol

Cajun Chicken3533d ago

Awesome! Pain Bowling ONLINE?!? and both different game types in one pack instead of being charged seperatly?

Awesome. Still I wonder when Shatner is arriving, The Hoff is hillarious.