More 'mature' games for Wii? Yes, please

MSNBC writes:
Last week, I wrote about Sega's new games for the Wii platform. "Mad World," "The Conduit" and "House of the Dead: Overkill" are replete with bullets, brains and bloodsport - a marked departure from the usual adorable-animal overload.

And I asked readers if they thought the Wii needed more of these traditional, hard-core games. Your answer? Overwhelmingly yes.

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Shnazzyone3561d ago

what a strangely biased article (btw this doesn't link to the original article you have to go through a second redirect after clicking the n4g one). It has a couple user opinions that echo the rest of the true gaming audience. It feels like the author is almost afraid to say on msnbcs site definitively that mature games are a good thing. In the end this article seems to have little point.

ChaoticStupid3561d ago

The only problem I have is him considering Madworld a traditional title.. It is anything but. As great a game as it is, it's a niche title. Not going to appeal to everyone that a game like Gears appeals to.