Killzone 2 Maintenance - Servers Down For 2 Hours

GamersDigest have just received word that the Killzone 2 servers will be undergoing some essential maintenance starting at 2PM GMT (now).

The maintenance is expected to last for approximately two hours.

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I_killed_TheMart3533d ago

not like it matters, this game is below average at best..

Alcon3533d ago

So it doesn't matter to you, but you still go on N4G writing on a Killzone related news, that you don't care about the news? lol
When I don't care about a game and find it 'below average', I just forget it, and move on to something else. I'm not going to comment on every dev news, or any news from the games if I find sucked.Otherwise I'd be always complaining instaid of gaming (wow it rhymes lol)

Aaaaah wathever... at least you made me laugh and for that I'll give you a bubble (I'm in a generous mood)

Shane Kim3533d ago

There should really be a news option or something like that. I've been rebooting my router for half an hour now until I gave up. Now suddenly I see this article and felt a little stupid.

XtreemGamer3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Yeah the servers are down... i've lost 139 point's because the game disconnected.. :(

Sangria3533d ago

If there was any change in the online multiplayer, there would be a title update, not a server maintenance. So it's just a routine maintenance.

ThanatosDMC3533d ago

That might explain why i got disconnected twice yesterday. Error: 10002

Anyway, it sucked since i killed 45+ and we we're gonna win so those were gonna be nice good points for me. Gotta love the SMG!!! I kinda wish the shotgun would have been semi-auto for it to shoot faster. I can only kill two till i die to a third guy.

Ghoul3533d ago

likewise i had a 180 points run and suddenly ... crash :)

DragonWarrior_43533d ago

Hey, maybe they will let you use bots and have an invite option for your friends. Wait, I forgot. This is Sony that we are talking about that. Hey, maybe this will be implemented when the ps4 comes out? I hope so cause Id love me some Killzone 3 with friend invites. I do understand that its a little too much to ask for though.

Goes back to play COD4 on the 360.

nix3533d ago

psst... KZ2 has far more intelligent bots than those you'll find while playing COD4 at Live.

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The story is too old to be commented.