Video Game Remakes: Is It What We Want?

It seems that developers want to renew that warm nostalgic feeling, and making sequels just doesn't cut it any more. Rebooting old games for new systems is becoming quite popular. But is it what we really want?

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Lifendz3194d ago

Never felt like I got to explore the gritty cities as much as I would've liked to. The setting and characters are some of the best ever in an RPG. I'd love to revisit that game. If they wanted to do something ala FFVII crisis core and not something involving the main characters, I guess I'd have to accept that. But facing Seiphroth with Cloud again would be pure awesome.

JuJuRMJ3194d ago

Actually I wouldn't want a FF7 remake, to me I don't think it is needed, it was an amazing, incredible RPG for its time. I wouldn't mind replaying it again as a PSone re-release but I would rather see a continuation of the FF7 story, world, characters, etc. not like the Advent Children movie, but like a true sequel kinda like FFX-2.

Panthers3194d ago

FFx-2 was a disgrace to the FF franchise. If they do do a sequel, they would need to do it right. Have it be a full, long RPG game with the original battle system of FFVII (materia and all that) with some tweaks.

pippoppow3194d ago

Really liked the battle system in FF7. Would like a sequel instead but a remake would be nice.

FinalFantasyFanatic3193d ago

Then again I would be happy with either a remake or some sort of re-release for the original game (e.g. selling it over PSN), although I don't have an original playstation any more since it crapped out on me.

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chrisjc3194d ago

I can't wait! It's coming

Andrew Wiggin3194d ago

Meh, don't really care about Final Fantasy 7

cherrycreamsauce3194d ago

FFVII was one of the greatest RPGs that ever was; if other things can be remade, why not this?

Panthers3194d ago

I know. Remakes can be a great thing. Resident Evil remake on the GC was amazing. FFVII deserves that treatment.

Dimly3194d ago

I do enjoy me some good remakes.

Fullish3194d ago

Same, we need Sonic HD!

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The story is too old to be commented.