Diehard GameFAN: Resident Evil 5 Review

Resident Evil 5 is pretty much everything you'd expect in a sequel to one of the best survival horror games ever. The story is strong, the presentation is outstanding, the game is fun and fast-paced, there's a ton of stuff to do and unlock, and the game is out-and-out entertaining whether played alone or with a friend. As sequels go, it's rare that a game retains so much of what made the prior game great while adding in enough new content to justify the cost, but Resident Evil 5 mostly pulls this off well. Some of the new elements work better than others, as the partner AI is spotty, making multiplayer games can be annoying, and the inventory management system is hit or miss. Further, the game isn't terribly original, it brings back functional issues that weren't appealing in the last game, and isn't as earth-shattering as its predecessor. Still, in the end, Resident Evil 5 is worth the asking price and then some, as it does what it does exceptionally well and gives the player plenty of reasons to play and replay the game. Frankly, that's more than enough of a reason to highly recommend it.

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