PlayStation Home Xi Video

Xi is launching imminently in PlayStation Home, but what is it?

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ape0073291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I think something big gonna happen I see this all the time,there are 12 xi videos at ps home

X....... CROSS



I can feel something very cool is coming...

anyway,gdc is around the corner

gaffyh3291d ago

GDC seems like it will be awesome for PS3 owners, I mean so much stuff has been announced it's unbelievable. I'm also hoping for some 360 news.

LukaX233291d ago

I wrote the same thing on my blog. People made fun of me for it >.< (What can I say? I was excited! I never said it's TRUE, I was just giving out my ideas.) But so far, it looks like a Home Space for a game. Maybe some completely new features and services Sony is offering? Who knows...

Awesome Possum3291d ago

Mabye it pictures or videos in home.

rockleex3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I think it will be a game in Home.

It will be a game that requires you to use your Home avatar to go around doing missions/quests. ^_^

edgeofblade3291d ago

I have high expectations for Xi, whatever it is. So, whatever it is, it will probably be disappointing.

Hence the flaw of viral marketing this vague...

YungXclusive2K93291d ago

that video was a complete waist of my time

LoVeRSaMa3291d ago

PlayStation Home meets Quake III Arena =D

But yes, looks like an interactive game place, possibly tag or capture the flag (Crosses fingers for Deathmatch).

Cenobia3291d ago

That's actually a really good idea. Giving Home a free shooter game would get a lot of people to go back in. Home paintball would get me visiting a lot more often.

That's probably a bit to difficult (or would be poorly done due to limited budget, etc...unless an advertiser did it), but it could be awesome.

GoldenBoy3291d ago

The symbol they show in the video is similar to a letter in the Greek alphabet that is conguous with X in the English alphabet. The letter makes a sound like Xi and is named that way as well. Check out the Wikipedia page if you don't believe me. So based on that it could mean nothing at all.

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blackbeld3291d ago

Agree ^^^^^... It's look like a new futuristic city in Home..... That will be great!!! :)

whateva3291d ago

or I'm going to go crazy!

deathray3291d ago

I just don't care. Home = FAIL

Ghoul3291d ago

people that pretend they wouldnt care about somthing but then need to say it all the time = fail

thereapersson3291d ago

If you don't care then why did you feel the need to post that pointless garbage?

edgeofblade3291d ago

Home right now = fail. That's not to say it could do something to get better. I'm not impressed with Home, but I'm NOT going to say I will NEVER be impressed. That would be fanboy talk. Anything in this environment CAN improve. It just depends heavily on the fanboys admitting it's not already perfect and allowing those improvements to take place.

Nineball21123291d ago

Unless something meets my expectations and gives me what I want, when I want it... then it FAILS! /SARC

Home is fine. It's not my cup of tea at the moment, but it's free, it's different, it'll have more features over time... in my opinion, that's hardly a fail.

But eh, some ppl can't be pleased.

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dabizo3291d ago

"What? you can walk around talking and meeting people, play games, change clothes, go bowling and all you do is switch on your PS3? It must be alien!" My Nan doesnt understand it either.

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