Sony details robotic PlayStation gaming pal

Looks like K-9 crossed with a futuristic hoover...

Details on a Sony patent for a small robotic gaming pal designed to get involved in the PlayStation gaming experience have emerged this week.

Kotaku describes the patent, originally filed with the US patent office last summer, as "Sony's take on [Nintendo's] R.O.B.... a robot outfitted with a camera that enables the bot to decipher the surrounding environment."

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ssj3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Yeah cause PS3 fans are gonna need a buddy to help them through the hard times when they're checking out the latest sales figures.
So what's next Sony, dog home?

Calcio3533d ago

Bet it's not cheap, if ever actually makes it into reality

PirateThom3533d ago

Yeah, because checking sales figures is the main part of gaming...

Well, I guess it is if you don't have any games to play.