Call of Duty: WaW maps to cost 800 MS points

Xbox Community Manager Graeme Boyd has confirmed that Call of Duty: World at War's Map Pack 1 will cost 800 MS Points when it releases later today.

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i like the new map nightfire

caffman3559d ago

but looking forward to some good old zombie action!

Blaze9293559d ago

no way is Treyarch getting one more dime out of me for this game. $10 for 3 maps and a map on a mode I could care less about? Please

LukaX233559d ago

To all that are planning on purchasing it on Xbox Live OR the PSN - DON'T! Call Of Duty : World at War is going to be COMPLETELY forgotten about as soon as Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is released. Honestly, I'm still playing COD4 (the previous COD). And I can say it's WAY more fun than this junk. Just wait, it will be worth it.

DrRage773559d ago

yeah, thanks for chiming in, but guess what? no one cares about your opinion, especially since modern warfare and world at war are two completely different time people that prefer ww2 shooters prefer world at war, while people that prefer modern day shooters prefer modern warfare.

for you to come on here and say modern warfare is WAY better and it's not worth buying the DLC for world at war is absolutely stupid....if you don't like world at war, why are you combing the forums looking to comment on it? go play modern warfare and be done with it....

solidt123559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I already forgot about Call of Duty. It's a game called Killzone 2 that blows Call of Duty out of the water. I know Modern Warfare 2 is going to be awesome but since I have Killzone 2 there is no burning desire to play any other shooter period.

mariusmal3559d ago

bubbles for you my friend. i still play cod4 and not it's MOD :P

zethos563559d ago

So? MW2 won't be around for another 8 months or so. A ten dollar investment for something that will last another 8 months isn't bad.

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Kushan3559d ago

It's not worth 800 points. I'm sorry, it's just not.
I paid about £30 for my copy of WaW and yeah, it was ok, it was probably worth that. That's an entire SP campaign, deep MP and plenty of maps. They want me to spend like £6 on a couple more maps - that's 1/5 of what I paid for the game. No, it's just too much, like most DLC I refuse to pay for it.

LukaX233559d ago

No need to be so rude. So what if no one cares about my opinion? That's there choice to correct? Only a moron would think I'm talking DIRECTLY to them. AND BY THE WAY, I'm talking about how FUN the games are, not what timeframes they took place in. That completely reverses the whole point of the comment.

Pointing out my opinion helps others choose what they would enjoy more. And by now, most people are sick of WW2 shooters. I, personally, am not. COD4 is just WAY more fun (in my opinion). That was the point of the comment.

Now please, go chew on some beef jerky to shut you up.

DrRage773559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

""Pointing out my opinion helps others choose what they would enjoy more""

you honestly believe your opinion is going to sway someone who enjoys ww2 shooters into NOT buying the DLC for a game they own and enjoy?? wow, yeah, you really sold me on that me and about a 1,000,000 other people that play this game no longer have to bother with it since you told us you enjoy modern warfare games more...

let me RATIONALIZE something for you....this article is to let poeple know that there is new DLC for their game...if they already have this game, and are playing it right now, then how does your "opinion" have anything to do with them deciding to purchase the DLC?? if they are CURRENTLY playing the game, that means THEY ENJOY your opinion bears ZERO weight. if they didn't like the game, they wouldn't be playing it, and therefore wouldn't buy the DLC...

that would be like me posting comments in every Killzone2 article or Modern Warfare article saying "i enjoy [email protected] WAY more, it is SO MUCH better", and then expect people to be like "wow, he's right, because he enjoys the game more, we should stop playing even though we DO ENJOY IT".....

DirtyLary3559d ago

I can play COD4 with no issues. I shoot a guy, he dies.

In COD:WAW I have some weird lag issues. I can put a whole clip into a player and then have them turn and 1 shot me. On the kill cam I see myself not even getting a shot off yet I used a whole clip. Happens constantly. I've portforwarded for my xbox too. Something is odd with this title. Guess I'll be sticking to COD4 till the next game drops.

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