WoW - Get Kids Off My Server

Chuck Noooooooooorris anyone?

An article about why Blizzard should create three types of servers to ensure a child safe server and a child free (or at least drastically reduced) server.

The article also addresses some of the common arguments against this idea, such as children only servers attracting adult predators.

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Gun_Senshi3533d ago

WoW is aimed for kids and casual people who never played a MMO Game.

Go play EVE Online, no kids there.

Mikerra173533d ago

when this game first came out hardcore players like myself went their for good play, but when we relized the game was too easy we moved on and the children took over

Chris3993533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

It's pretty "hardcore" and the communities are small and tight. Refreshing change of pace from WOW and WAR.

Oh and as far as WAR goes, they really need to fix the performance in Realm vs. Realm and optimize their engine a bit before I consider going back. I have a brand new "uber-rig", SLI/ Quad Core setup and I STILL get tremendous lag. For reference, I can play Crisis at max settings with a buttery frame-rate though. WTF?

Motion3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Lag is your internet latency. It isn't related to how good your system specs are. If your latency is low, but the game is still running choppy, that isn't lag, that's just getting a poor framerate, probably due to having to load in a ton character models/spells when they appear (in the case of WAR). Try adding a bit more ram, that usually helps w/ MMOS's when there is alot going on in them.

Chris3993533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Two 9800gtx 512 meg (each card for a total of 1 gig video memory) SLI setup. No latency spikes, no random disconnects, ever. Respectfully speaking my computer isn't the issue. It's the game. I can play ANY other online game without a hitch. They just haven't figured out how to smooth out RvR in WAR yet. Kind of irritating really, as that's the appeal/ focus of the game.

P.S. My apologies though, I said "lag" but meant "choppiness".

TheAntiFanboy3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I like how whenever someone's accused of having the etiquette of a 12-year-old, it's ALWAYS a 20+ year old with no life and no job and NEVER an actual 12-year-old.

Face it. Kids are not as much of a problem as the uneducated hoards of college drop outs that frequently troll the realms. Dirge spam, anal spam, Chuck Norris jokes, guild drama, they are ALL the work of young adults living in their mother's basement who spend 20+ hours each day on the game.

I know so many well-behaved youth on my server in WoW who play casually with their families, and they truly do contribute to the realm's community. There's a 10-year-old 80 Warlock who has been in our guild with his dad for a year, he consistently tops DPS in our raids, and he's such an incredibly well-mannered person that we don't care how high his voice is on Ventrilo.

We are far, far too quick to judge based on eon-old stereotypes.

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michellejbuss3533d ago

I did play EVE for awhile and I just found it a little dull, not that that is inherent in the game because a lot of people love it but it just not for me. I don't dispute the fact there are fewer kids though.

I am not got to argue with your statement that WoWis only aimed at casual gamers though I figure a lot of people would disagree but I think that casual gamers are just as deserving of a server that suits their needs as the hard core gamers.

Kushan3533d ago

Yeah, throw all of the kids onto a single server, that's not going to make it easier for paedophiles AT ALL...

michellejbuss3533d ago

Just out of curiosity, because it does address that issue.

Raf1k13533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

not read the article but instead of having kid only servers, why not have the normal ones plus adult only servers?

that way the paedophile problem with kid only servers isnt there and neither is the problem of playing with immature kids (which doesnt bother me anymore now that iv got off WoW)

michellejbuss3533d ago

In the article I suggest that the best system would be a mixture of all three types. Mixed, adult only, kid only. Plus, and this is a big plus, much more monitoring on the child only servers.

Senden3533d ago

Child only servers would be a bad idea for obvious reasons and no matter how well you monitor it, there is always going to be a way around things.

If they made an adult only server though, i'd happily join and would pay double the sub fees if needed.

michellejbuss3533d ago

I understand what you are saying but I can't help but think that the situation as is, is little better than having a children only server. As I say in the article the wrong type of adults know there are loads of kids on any server they would like to choose. At least a child only server could be monitored very closely for that kind of thing and even modified if need be.

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