Andy Dick comes to PAIN

PS3-Sense writes: "There will be a new character coming to the PSN-game PAIN. That wil be the one and only stand-up comedian Andy Dick. We have a video of the preperations of Andy Dick for PAIN."

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HolyOrangeCows3533d ago

Just be careful not to launch him into the pile of white powder. Otherwise, he'll become that much more useless.

JK, that will make for a funny PAIN character.

Cwalat3533d ago

okey, this was the selling point for me.

Andy Diiick* is one of my favorite comedians, i will buy this game just for this.

Keep it up!

I hope they throw in Nick Swardson and his hilarious screams'.

Cajun Chicken3533d ago

Nice. I remember the show where he tried to hire an apprentice. Hillarious. Not really one the majority of the UK would get, but pretty funny.

We NEED Tom Green and Bam Magera. Repeat, we NEED Tom Green and Bam Magera and possibly Rob Schider.