Capcom: 'Resident Evil 5 proves games more popular than music'

Slavering zombies are officially more popular than Bono, according to Capcom. It's trumpeting the early sales in the UK of Resident Evil 5, which it claims have outsold the entire UK Top 200 singles chart this week, while also eclipsing the total sales to date of U2's new album over the weekend alone. "This is proof if any were needed that games are THE entertainment medium of choice in 2009," says Capcom's Leo Tan.

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Zeus Lee3531d ago

True to a certain extent

nix3531d ago

yup. depends. i don't think developers of SOIV are singing the same song.

LastDance3531d ago

true to the extent that people seldom BUY music Cd's anymore. Saying its more popular based on sales is stupid to say the least.

silvacrest3531d ago

how many people download illegal music now a-days?

Mindboggle3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

If i had to choose one or the other it would definetly be Music....But I will never have to so its a win win...

However Capcom's statement is just ignorant. I would bet my life that there are more songs downloaded on iTunes more in a week than games do. And that doesnt include other sites like Amazon, Napster etc and physical cd sales.

However I bet there are more songs downloaded illegally than are bought, which is sad....If people were fined for downloading Music then I bet the number of bought songs would double...

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Ashton3531d ago

they are one of the best Japanese devs and they deserve it.

Muj913531d ago

I'm not sure if people in NA know this but michael jackson is doing his last tour in the UK and all one million tickets were sold out in 2 and a half hours. This capcom guy is a fool

jay23531d ago

I'm worried how many people like that screwed up mess of a human.........

silvacrest3531d ago

there are plenty of screwd up rockers/rappers/popstars (britney anyone?), obviously non as bad as MJ but the fans (me included) look past the plastic and enjoy his music anyway but saying that, no way am i paying £1000+ for black market tickets

ParanoidMonkey3531d ago

You know, there's all these negative things thrown out there about Michael Jackson, and we've all heard the rumors involving children and what not, but what it really comes down to is that the man made THRILLER. No matter how bad he looks from plastic surgery, no matter how many bids for the Elephant Man's bones he makes, that'll always be what people remember him for.

Mindboggle3531d ago

Those michael jackson tickets were selling at 10,000 tickets a second...I bet you all games dont sell 10,000 a second....

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jay23531d ago

Well done to capcom :).

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