Team OXCGN Racing: Something To Whet The Street Racers' Appetites: The Worlds Fastest Street Car


"Everyone is always screaming for Drag Cars in Forza 3 . .Well, no drag cars in Forza 3, but hows about the Worlds Fastest Street Car, driven on Pump gas, and in street legal trim, right down to the cup holders, blinkers and everything else needed for a street driven car, that does 6 sec 1/4 mile runs in standard trim."

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XboxOZ3603559d ago

This is an insane looking street car. Sure, it's not something you'd drive everyday, but he does, along with his other 127 cars he's built.

Forza 3 fans want drag racing in the next game. Which is fair enough I suppose, but it's doubtful you'll see them there like this though, if at all.

And the thing to remember is, this car is in street legal trim, and did the times it did in that trim. Imagin if it was run on racing fuel and slicks . . shudder to think of the times it could get.

Virtual car racing nuts are the same as real world racing nuts - they are - well - nuts.

Superfragilistic3559d ago

That racing page is crazy!!!

I'm only really a fan of Forza 2, GRID and Burnout - although you don't consider Burnout or NFS racers WTF?!

REALgamer3559d ago

I think OXCGN is referring to simulation racers on that page.

I'm not a fan of sim racers, find them too hard to control and not all that interesting. I'm a NFS and Burnout sort of guy so I enjoy arcade racers.

XboxOZ3603559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

As RealGamer points out, Team OXCGN Racing is only really interested in sim and Semi-Sim racing styles. Grid is about on the very board of it as it does have excellent physics and total damage related to impact and road damage, unlike "some" sims that I could mention - cough Race Pro - cough . . .

Now if that game had the same damage modelling and physics as Grid, then they would be on the biggest winner since slicded bread hit the shelves in Woolies.

I used to help build and also paint cars like that vette when I was in another life. Choppers, Street Machines, which the Vette is classified as, Van and Trucks. Plus built my fair share of sleeper street cars as well.

TheMART3559d ago

Thats one ugly car there, but hell its fast

Immortal Kaim3559d ago

With the price of Petrol.... no thanks ;)

Think I will stick with my Ford.

green3559d ago

Thanks but no thanks.

Cherchez La Ghost3559d ago

This car would kill a Bugatti Veyron in a 1/2 mile stretch. The Veyron has 1001hp witha turbo on each tire and a 0-100-time in 8.6 seconds. Hell, I'll take it.

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