Is "Braid" Really That Good?

Examining if "Braid" is really as good as it's made out to be.

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Zeus Lee3555d ago

It's pretty good,not "GAME OF THE FOREVER OMFG!!!!"-good,but still a very well made little game.

It's coming out on PC this month,hopefully it'll sport graphical and audio improvements to make it worth purchasing again.

Roger Batch3555d ago

I think most people, including myself,think its a good game and brilliant executed but you have to be a certain type of gamer (ie patient, puzzle lover ) to appreciate it fully. For most of us, its frustrating and annoying and certainly not worthy of all the praise and worship that it gets!

mintaro3555d ago

I haven't beaten the game yet, the puzzles are a mindfu*k, and it somewhat resembles Mario. Even with that said, this game deserves all the praise it gets. The feeling you get after figuring out what you think, is an impossible puzzle is simply amazing.

DelbertGrady3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Zeus Lee - mandatory stealth troll comment #1

edgeofblade3555d ago

I tend to agree. It's good, but I lost that compelling feeling way too quickly. It's currently sitting on my pile of shame with all the other games that were good-but-not-that-good.

IdleLeeSiuLung3555d ago

I tried the demo, didn't really like it. IMO it is way overhyped!

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Cajun Chicken3555d ago

Didn't like the art style and the way it modeled its own level design after Mario with the enemies. Good puzzles though, just wish it behaved and looked less like Mario and the art style was more basic and more appealing.

Roger Batch3555d ago

how much of the game did you finish? I reckon most people did not get to 50%.

Kushan3555d ago

You didn't play the game that much, did you? It's not even really a platform game, it's a puzzle game. The whole mario thing was deliberate, it's meant to be philosophical. The whole "princess is in another castle" part is a crucial plot element to the game.

DelbertGrady3555d ago

Cajun Chicken - mandatory stealth troll comment #2

somethingSQUISHY3555d ago

I imagine you're the author of this article? What's this "I reckon" talk. It's a difficult game. It doesn't hold your hand. But it's more rewarding than most any other retail release I can remember playing.

The difficulty makes it rewarding. I didn't use a walkthrough. If you get stuck, get a buddy to help. Once you figure out the solution, though it may take more than the five or ten minutes you seem to prefer, you realize that it all works relatively simply, always playing by the rules of each level.

I don't know your credentials, and I've never seen your website before, but complaining about a game's difficulty and making unsubstantiated remarks about what percentage of the population finished it doesn't sit well with me. We've already got a culture imbued with this sense of entitlement and instant gratification. Gaming is an escape for many people, and if every game held your hand the whole way through, you'd never feel challenged or rewarded for completing them.

Cajun Chicken3555d ago

I will make this clear;
A free demo should actually tempt me to getting a game most of the time, I felt that Braid (as a demo) basically reminded me of past Amiga games ripping off the type of level design of Mario and Bobble Bubble in the early platform levels (which were availble as a DEMO).
In the short demo, I did enjoy the time puzzles, I thought a they were very clever, for example, pausing the game and using the enemies as platforms, picking up keys from falling down, very clever.

I however; could not stand the actual art in the game. I found Braid to look unfriendly and disturbing, I'm not sure if it was designed to look that way and another thing that put me off was the backgrounds sliding around as the game scrolled like a bad cutout animation.
I didn't like the watercolour look and didn't like the design of the lead character.

Another factor was the price, Braid was FAR too expensive. Sure, it was an Indie Game, but when many games such as Wipeout HD, Geometry Wars 2 and Bionic Commando were pretty much a fraction of the price or have more longetivity, better graphics or soundtrack, Braid just didn't warrant my money.

Do I know what I'm talking about? Yes I do.
I DIDN'T like the visual look of Braid. I did not like the way that the enemies and even the foreshortened lead character was designed to echo Mario/Alex Kidd. It seemed like Braid used the look of the retro platformer to introduce the game mechanics, even using some very, very similar jump animations to the likes of Mario which look as if they could even of been traced.

Largely, I COULD of got the game, but the cons out weighed the pros after playing the demo. The main con being the actual price and the fact I did NOT appreciate the watercolour design which looked more like scanned in photoshop colour adjustment than watercolours.

My money went on Geometry Wars 2 and Bionic Commando instead.
Had Braid been cheaper and had a different art design, I may of praised this game and bought it day one as I support a lot of risky, indie titles. But the art design did not suit me, basically, I didn't like the lead character's animations and the watercolour ME, it looked ugly and seemed like a game that was afraid to show itself and used Mario as a shell of entrance. Mainly, the art design looked ugly compared to most cartoon styles.

Perhaps I should be mainly complaining about the artist hired to do the art design, because that was the early touted feature of the game, I decided not to bother with Braid. I don't spend money on something I DON'T actually LIKE the look of.

Kushan3555d ago

In other words, you didn't "get" the game. That's fine, it's not for everyone.

Cajun Chicken3555d ago

No. I like LOOKING at my games.

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Tony P3555d ago

"Is 'Braid' Really That Good?"


It's probably not the best game you'll ever play. That's largely up to the gamer's preference. But it's an exceptionally well done platformer. The media always goes overboard with praise so I could understand why someone might think the game feels overrated.

typikal823555d ago

yes and f you for thinking otherwise

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