OXCGN: 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Review: Life's a bitch Homey, then you die…


"I was looking forward to reviewing this game because I don't like hip-hop rap gangsta music or the attitude behind the whole urban ghetto thing and I figured this game would be a laugh to poke fun at. After all, games and 50 Cent don't really seem likely to mix well, and his last game, 50 Cent: Bulletproof, seemed to demonstrate that.

What I got was something that perplexed me.

Rarely have I felt so much in two minds or so surprised by a game as I was with this one...They have made a 3rd person shooter that borrows aspects from other shooters and throws out anything that gets in the way of exhilarating fun. How could a game with so many self-destructive qualities actually keep me so entertained?"

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darkmurder3534d ago

I thought the game would stink because of Fitty, luckily the gameplay saves the day.

Superfragilistic3534d ago

Meh... maybe worth a rental.

The review... definitely worth the read.

Cool way to present a review I thought with the Devil's Advocate and Angelic Optimist. ;)

Godem3534d ago

at least it seems to be an improvement over the previous 50 Cent game...

that being said.... i wont be picking it up. I stopped caring about 50 cent once "In Da Club" died off, and that was essentially the beginning of him.

Not something im interested in.

-Nice review, reading helps pass the time haha.

XboxOZ3603534d ago

Hmmm, not sure on this one, although the two minds thing is how I often think funnily enough, one for, one against . . loved it.

gaminoz3534d ago

The game is like the Club mixed with the Bourne stuff but no RE5 or Gears Of War.

Forget the 50 Cent's a good game without him and probably would have been better without him honestly....

XboxOZ3603533d ago

I don't think it is meant to be a 'serious' game by any means . .well, not by gamers, perhaps Fiddy might take it seriously . .but no one else really does. Not like they do such games a Resi 5, BioShock, Dead Space etc etc.

It's a fluff-n-tuff game, nothing more, but by all accounts, this is a lot better than the first iteration.

Although, having compiled the pics for the review, there were some shifty looking textures and not so healthy looking visuals on some of them. Shadows missing where they basically need to be, cement blocks looking pristien when the rest of the area was rubble. Ammo belts flat as a strap and no 3d imaging on them at all, just fal textures across the characters bac etc.

Now that is just lazy coding , especially when you look at games by other developers on a similar level.

GrathiusXR3534d ago

With all the other great games that shall be available in the next month or so as well as those available now doesn't really interest me to pick this game up and give it a go...

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