Tecmo circumvents exclusive deal with Microsoft for Xbox 360

Gamer.blorge writes: In the world of video gaming exclusives mean life or death to some fanboys out there. The issue wasn't a hot topic last generation, but for some reason it has set the Internet a blaze this generation. Many believe that once an exclusive is signed it is an iron-clad deal, but Tecmo proves that there are loop-holes to getting around these exclusive contracts.

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Zeus Lee3562d ago

DOA5 on Ps3 running @60FPS 1080p sounds like a possibility now that Itagaki is gone,I wonder if Kratos will be in the game

Bnet3433562d ago

Too bad DOA sucks right? Too bad Ninja Gaiden sucks right? Yeah exactly.

AAACE53562d ago

With the cost of games rising and platforms like Ps3 and 360 being so close in power, I think a lot of developers will realize it makes sense to go multiplatform!

Gamers who are stuck in the past will be the main ones effected by this though... because they like to have their fanboy crutches (games to hang on).

The industry is changing people, and we need to adjust to it accordingly!

sonarus3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Actually DOA does suck but Ninja G has always been ace

Why o why3562d ago

to be fair Kigmal, DOA has always sucked, like really sucked but NG has always been stella imo. Its a pity about some of the issues NG2 had even if it was enjoyable. With this sigma, like the last one, Im expecting improvements. Do pick up ngs as its as cheap as chips now. You see that its technically better even if it is just a rehash of a rehash with a few extra bells and whistles. Im expecting ng2s to be good game among other good and great games in the ps3's 09 lineup.

gaffyh3562d ago

Sonarus speaks the truth. DOA completely sucks, NG is pretty cool, although I still prefer Onimusha over it.

SL1M DADDY3562d ago

Yeah, DOA does suck but NG "was" great before NG2 came out. Not that I hated it but it was just not of the same caliber as the first.

rockleex3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I don't know whether Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, or Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360 was good or not... because I haven't played them.

All I know is that Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3 was pretty good, because that's the only Ninja Gaiden I've played other than the oldschool ones.

And DOA? Well I played the PS2 version. DOA2: Hardcore. It was an average fighter, but I really liked the counter system. ^_^

Aquanox3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Tecmo did this because it seems that now that Itagaki is gone, Microsoft has no interest in their franchises anymore or at least, not as much interest as in the past.

They're in serious financial trouble and without his biggest game creator they are performing obscure business tricks to milk Itagaki's work.

This will work in the short term, but at an awful cost in terms of business reputation. I wonder what's there beyond Itagaki.

Godmars2903562d ago

More like DOA has been the same game since DOA2

OGharryjoysticks3562d ago

I think you have part of it, but you're trying to make it into something it's not. Itagaki was a Microsoft pawn. Back during Xbox and PS2 days Microsoft really needed some Japanese presence developing on its system to attempt to appeal to the Eastern market. But this generation Microsoft has moved on to bigger Japanese companies like Capcom, and Square so the need for Tecmo isn't what it was. Basically Tecmo shot themselves in the foot with exclusive support for a Western system because it hasn't made them money or helped them overall. If they can get some good games out on Wii and PS3 with it's Eastern fanbase I'm positive Tecmo game sales will be much higher thus making them more money.

N4g_null3562d ago

Aquanox great points but what is funny is this may make tecmo go back to nintendo. The DS ninja gaiden was pretty good too.

Temco is not a bad developer, it's just one guy made all the big decisions. That's a problem in the industry with some high budgets. It really should be a collaboration of sorts.

Lots of companies do this though... lots.

ThanatosDMC3562d ago

DOA sucks... i mean, i won a $100 tournament on campus just by countering. I was probably the most hated guy in there. Oh well, it was worth the $100... besides, i doubt i doubt i'd play with those losers again. Though i see them from time to time when im walking around.

Saigon3562d ago

is Temco is one smart company...

WildArmed3562d ago

people are gonna hate me but since Ninja Gaiden Black, it's never been the same.
After black, i feel in love with Prince of Persia (SOT series) and GoW (god of war)n DMC. Action games havent been the same since :D

CobraKai3561d ago

I thought the graphics had nice special effects but the higher resolution of the Sigma engine made that game look more stunning than its sequel.

Snatcher3561d ago

Ninja Gaiden is incredible. As (most) everyone else has said, it is beautiful and fluid, and one of the most challenging games of its kind in a long time. While it is difficult throughout, and there are occasionally points that can be frustrating, it hearkens to the olden days when games were tests of skill.

It is exceptionally satisfying when you defeat a difficult boss, and usually if you are inventive enough you can discover "easy" ways of accomplishing this. While the replay value of this game is arguable, as for myself I can say that its one of the games I own that I felt compelled to play through a fifth time.

I never had any trouble with the camera angles as some have stated, and I would recommend to those that are starting out to get accustomed to using the camera manipulating power of the R button. Overall this game is outstanding and definitely one of my favorites of all time. I totally disagree with you Kigmal.

Mikerra173561d ago

they cover it up by coving it up with a remake thats awesome

NegativeCreepWA3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I would have to disagree with everyone here. I think its a great fighting series. I Like the counter system and the game itself is a good in between fighter. Not too easy like Tekken and not overly complex like Virtual Fighter.

sirbigam3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I'm kind of glad they had to change the game engine and improved it enough to classify it as a remake just so they could get out of the contract. LOL PS3 could get a really good NG game as a result of 360's contract thank yu microsoft never thought I'd say that.

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UltimateIdiot9113562d ago

This is why Sony is smart to pour money into first and second party.

Why o why3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

are bitter or deluded or just uneducated in gaming affairs. True exclusives add value to the owner if they're good obviously.

People will be hard pressed to explain why sony were/are not smart to put more money into 1st/2nd party studios than their direct competitor, hard pressed 'I TELL YOU'

Game13a13y3562d ago

Sony doesn't need to buy exclusive deals with dev. sooner or later, the devs will start to have problems fitting all those data on DVD 9, then MS will start to have a real problem. even with the money they paid them, devs might still want to develop games for PS 3 since it is just the natural way to go.

Eromu3562d ago

Nah, DVD 9 won't run out of space this Gen. Space will/has only be/been a problem with RPGs, which can just go the multi-disc route.

Jinxstar3562d ago


The the guys at Id said rage will be on 2 discs for the 360... I don't think thats an RPG... I might be wrong though as we still know little about it.

ssipmraw3562d ago

Sorry to be a bit of an ass but of th 9 gb apparently only 7 are available to use

N4g_null3562d ago

DIRTYHAIRYJOYSTICK and every one else. How many disk did crysis have. Yeah that fit on one disk just fine and looks way better than killzone 2. ETqw one disk also crazy huh? Hell UT3 one disk also wow huh? DMC4 on my PC one disk crazy huh? Hell it even looks better than the PS3 version weird huh?

My PC is way more powerful but most of my games could easily come on 6 disk because they all have to be installed but 1 dvd is starting to be the normal on games that easily surpass what the PS3 could even hope to do.

The whole the game industry need blu ray is a lie that only gamers believe. The only platform that could even need such a thing is PC gaming with video cards coming with 2 gigs of ram, system with 4 gigs on board and harddrives with terabytes. Yet blu ray isn't even though os as a standard, I've yet to see a PC blu ray PC game disk and blu ray drives on the PC are very affordable.

XxZxX3561d ago

Eromu, keep telling urself that. It will certainly help you convince yourself.

N4g_null3561d ago

[email protected] o why

It still only needs one disk. You guys have to install anyway so Ummmmmm why did you even comment? I mean you can run the game off the disk which would be silly?

Yep blu rays not really needed, I'm sorry but it's true.

Jinxstar3561d ago

@ Scissor...

Killzone 2 has no install... I have never had any lag and loads are actually very fast when compared to other online games like COD4 or Battlefield BC or what not... In most PS3 games it's optional anymore.... I'm not saying Blu ray is needed but a way to have more info is. i.e. installs... Many 360's don't have a hard drive where as every PS3 does... If the game had 2 discs 1 with the engine and everything and the second with the story and you could just install the story(Voices, Movements and all that) or what not it would be too easy... I think that is the issue many people like Id are coming across anymore for games that aren't RPG. Might even be why GTA4 didn't look all that hot when compared to a game like Infamous...

nycredude3561d ago

You talk as if there are tons of games on a pc that "easily" outdoes Killzone 2. I'm just curious what games are you refering to? Crisis? Yeah well the textures and foliage is better looking but does it have as much post processing and things going on on the screen at the same time? While Crisis looks great it's just a mediocre game so let's stop with the Crisis worship already. Killzone 2 holds it's own in graphics and beats it's pants off in gameplay. And guess what? No install. When was the last time you had a pc game with no install that looks remotely as good as Killzone 2? Take you time and think... zzzZZZZZZZ

Try streaming Crisis from one dvd and see if the game looks half as good.

BTW Did your PC cost $399?

N4g_null3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Great points Jinxstar and nycredude, yet the PC which should need blu ray since it actually can display a texture that is way bigger than 512 due to the amounts of ram on board doesn't even need such a disk yet.

Nycredude you bring up post processing graphics and I take it you don't know much about the engine do you? take a look and let me know when killzone 2 lets you collapse building with tanks. Did you see that face animation , think your getting that in game on the PS3 not yet.

oh try this out Yep killzone 2 is old news.
Pc graphic have not out done killzone 2? Really?
Seriously do you want to go there. The PC version of DMC4 out does killzone 2 just on shader passes, Also you have not played crysis have you? Rage is coming also, along with tons of games.

Here you go
I mean you got twigs and every thing and it all fit on one disk.

You can pick from any of these games , QW:ET isn't even up there yet the PS3 could not even pull that game off,

Also Ut3 PC version ended up being the best looking and play version because of obvious reasons and it fit on one disk. If metal gear was ported to the PC it would be one disk and it doesn't even reach crysis visuals.

Another thing is this is not about the xbox 360 vs the PS3 this is about the fact that a real HD platform like a PC does not even need blu ray so why would a console this a 6 year old video card need it?

Another thing too is you bring up a PC does not cost $399, you would be surprise at how close I could build you one for that price LOL, yet that's not the point. Please tell me how that low price justifies blu ray? Why is it ok for PS3 fan to yell that blu ray is needed and it warrants the extra price because it makes for better games, that is not true and we all know it. Face it blu ray is only good for watching ummm blu ray movies. Another thing is why is every one saying it's still expensive when I can buy one for under a $100.

WOW those thing are expensive huh? The truth is blu ray is not needed for this gen of console maybe later but hold up they are not needed for this gen of HD-PCs either so I guess we got a long wait for blu ray to be useful for games.

Now my z brush models avg 200 megs and it's great for storing that stuff.

I'm sick of all of this really. you are letting your console down by hyping some thing that has been proven to be untrue. This was the whole problem with the PS3 and SONY. Had the lies been real I wouldn't need a PC but that just too bad. People that know their high end tech are not fooled. Be a fan and drop that reason for supporting blu ray because it isn't getting any one else on the boat. Find another reason to promote the PS3 ok because that line is not working.

Take your time the PS3 is going to be around for 10 years. Is that all you have to go on? PS3 fan are starting to sound like GC fans. their may be a correlation I know many people who went to the PS3 from the GC this gen. Same excuses almost. The GC was pretty good though. I may get a PS3 but it will not be for the reasons you posted so far. You can do batter than this!

Cenobia3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

You can't build a $300 PC with a bluray player that can play Crisis at the rates your talking about. Bluray players are expensive, and you can put PC games on multiple discs because of the install (you only need 1 disc to play anyway).

Bluray DOES benefit the PS3. Look at MGS4, it needed the space. Now you'll argue that its all video, but that doesn't matter. The fact remains that without bluray that game would have been a lot different.

People buy consoles to avoid upgrading a PC every month. No sh!t I'll get better graphics on a PC, but I'd be paying a crap ton more for that small privilege.

Bluray is just better. You can argue it isn't 'needed,' but it does have its advantages especially at the PS3s price point.

N4g_null3561d ago

Cenobia the whole point is blue ray is not needed. graphic heavy games like crysis do not need it.

MGS4 uses all in game graphics for the cut scenes they have been doing that for years now.

Maybe you could argue the dialog needed blu ray but how come the dialog in the PS2 version did need blu ray? Kojima was disappointed for a reason and he is not telling LOL. Maybe you should try Cenobia modding some PC games before you assure your self that metal gear needed such a big storage capacity.

Think what you will console gaming is wasting all of that space if you don't even need it on the PC. Oh yeah My PC blu ray drive might actualy be faster than your PS3 since I do have a quad core duo set up so the streaming would be even better yet it's not even needed for PC games yet that are pushing graphics tech forward.

Hopefully rage by id will need a blu ray. Due to how much ram you are limited with blu ray is just a waste right now for gaming.

Another thing if blue ray is so much better why don't the multi platform games have more content on the PS3 version since the disk are bigger? That would make a better selling point and is some thing the xbox 360 could do but how has done this? Instead you get to buy DLC thru the home.

Man tell me how much your HD tv with your PS3 cost and you could build a hell of a PC with that. Just say console gaming is your preference ok. You just don't like PCs OK. I'm fine with that. LOL with the top of the line card and specs you can run crysis at 150 frames now LOL. You only need 61 fps.

Minimum System Requirements
OS – Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor – 2.8 GHz or faster (XP) or 3.2 GHz or faster* (Vista)
Memory – 1.0 GB RAM (XP) or 1.5 GB RAM (Vista)
Video Card –256 MB**
Hard Drive – 12GB
Sound Card – DirectX 9.0c compatible

* Supported Processors: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista) or faster, Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Vista) or faster, AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Vista) or faster.

** Supported chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) or greater. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported. Integrated chipsets are not supported. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required.

Recommended System Requirements
OS – Windows XP / Vista your already have.
Processor – Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Price $109.00
Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz 2M Dual Core 800MHz Socket LGA 775 - SLA94

Memory – 2.0 GB RAM $ 53.99 - ddr pc3200 2gb
GPU – NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS/640 or similar $139.99

mb would be fro $50-100

That's about 401 for a box that runs crysis at the recommended specs. Thats all the upgrade would cost you. Need to know where I got the prices go here. ,If you don't have a case of keyboard monitor then I have to ask how you are even typing this message on your PC? Oh you could use a Wii but you wouldn't know any thing about that.

The prices are going to keep falling also. I could go lower but I wanted to build you the recommend box first, this game can still use a 9800 which is about $60.

Right now PC hardware has peaked and the true potential is not even being used yet.

Imagine if the PS3 had that tech in it? for $400. There would be no competition from the xbox 360 at all. Even I would have bought a PS3.

Cenobia3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Dude, you're a moron.

A gaming PC with a monitor the size of my HDTV, and the capabilities to play Crisis like you're saying would cost a crap load more. Go ahead and low ball it (and totally leave crap out) as much as you want.

Stop avoiding the issue. No one cares about the PS3's use of bluray. There is NO NEGATIVE effect at the price it is being offered at. The fact that it plays bluray movies makes up for the price already. If you don't want bluray, then that's fine, but it isn't the issue.

There IS A NEGATIVE EFFECT with DVD9 on the 360. Multiple discs, meaning developers paying more or changing up their plans. I'm impressed that you derailed the argument with your bullsh!t, but I'm not buying it. DVD9 doesn't cut it on CONSOLES, because they don't install like PCs. You can pretend its fine all you want, I'm not the one who'll be swapping out discs, regardless of how many games actually resort to that.

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Chris Hansen3562d ago

Anyone wanna bet Itagaki is secretly still working at Tecmo....demoted to a janitor?

Max Power3562d ago

he is a professional, call him a "Custodian"!

morganfell3562d ago

Well he has changed his tune about the PS3...

ssipmraw3562d ago

Thats Senior Janitor to you


chrisnick3562d ago

it's "Hygene Technician"

XxZxX3561d ago

chris, you are also wrong.
It's Lead Hygiene Engineer. LOL

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Why dis3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Final Fantasy Versus on 360 with unmatched visuals, 360 quality textures and vibrance not running in sub HD resolutions with poor frame rate-lots of action or not, KZ2 anybody?).

This is why MSFT is smart the PS brand has been leaking brand exclusives this whole generation timing may be more important than wasting money on devs bills as the owner of the studios.

Sony wastes time and money putting out games every few years only to have them flop.

PirateThom3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Killzone 2 runs in native 720p and has a rock solid frame rate. Sorry to say, you're talking crap.

LarVanian3562d ago

Stop mistaking Killzone 2 for Halo 3.

arika3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

coming soon on xbox 360 final fantasy 13 versus on 10 disc and killzone 2 on 20 disc. also the game retailers said that there is a compulsory 10 dollars additional warranty per game disc because of the risk of losing one of the dvd disc is high. lol!

@why dis below. thanks for the compliment. at least i'm the king of something. hehehe. btw what else have you seen on your crystal ball?

you know what, you should change your job from a professional n4g troller to a professional fortune teller. you might have a brighter future. i will be your first customer. come on tell me another doom and gloom future for the ps3 and ill give you an extra bubble. ;->


Why dis3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

The king of the rabid trolls speaks.

PS3's growing fanbase isn't going to matter if owners keep failing to return the devs huge investments.

You guys have no idea whats happening lol you can't see past whats right in your face. I wonder what Game will save PS3 now, KZ2 will be history in weeks... oh wait ;)

Thats the greater point I guess in my fist post.

PS3 fanboys talk titles coming to PS3 (because the PS3 was late to market and just from this generation) like its the samething as Sony losing franchises that have been on the PS brand for ages.

You can see the difference between *newly appointed* multi platform same day releases and timed exclusives(devs keep gambling PS3 versions of games worth but know for sure games on PS3 need to be on the 360).


PirateThom3562d ago

Yep, PS3 owners talk about games, what do you have to look forward to?

Why o why3562d ago

that be that good 'ol dlc. In some peoples minds its been elevated to become better than an actual full price game. good luck with that

x2093562d ago

Another typical SONY hater,always hate good things---feels a little sorry for him or her.

solidjun53562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Star Ocean 4?

Power of Green, do you ever quit? Seriously, look in the mirror for once and say "wooosah" and realize how pyscho you are. For once, act a bit older than your age (10).

3562d ago
KILL-ALL-CURE3561d ago

Seriously is why dis on crack? Did i just here unmatched graphics on 360? Sorry bud, your graphics power stopped at gears 2, whereas Resistance fall of man Toppled it graphics wise.

And does anyone else find that after you have played Killzone 2, any other game you pop into the ps3 or sh1tbox just kind of feels...Sh1tty?

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PirateThom3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

What I find amusing is just how easy companies can get around Micrsoft's "exclusivity". Splinter Cell had the logo last gen and it didn't matter, BioShock and Ninja Gaiden 2 had it this gen and it doesn't matter.

Hell, Star Ocean 4 doesn't even have that logo and people still think it's exclusive.

Sony "buy" exclusives alright, but they don't just buy a game, they buy into the IP. Every Sony published exclusive, Sony own the IP rights.

There's really very little to stop Epic bringing Gears of War 3 to PS3, until Microsoft decide to get the money hats out.

crck3562d ago

This article is pure speculation. I don't think any of these companies are trying to get around anything or using loopholes. Exclusivity contracts run out. Its as simple as that. Ninja Gaiden 2 was released 9 months ago last June. Sigma 2 is suppose to release in the Fall. That's a little over a year after its original release date. Coincidence? I don't think so. It was the same for Eternal Sonata and Bioshock. Both games were released on the PS3 a couple of months after their 1 year anniversary on the 360.

REALgamer3562d ago

Bioshock and SPlinter Cell were NOT under contracts for full exclusivity. They were timed exclusives, meaning they would be released on Xbox first with no mention of PS versions until the contract expired. It wasn't the devs 'getting around' the contract, other MS would have done a full exclusivity contract instead.

Similarly with the lack of 'Only on Xbox 360' on many exclusive titles this is because all publishers have the option of displaying it. If a title is exclusive the publisher can either put the logo on which can increase sales on that platform or choose to not have it either for future multiplatform release OR just to prevent it seeming like favour is being shown to a particular platform.

Eg: DOA4 did not have the logo and has not gone multiplatform, while Bioshock did have the logo but then went to PS3 a year later. It's just the choice of the publisher, just like Nintendo's gold 'Seal of Quality' on almost every DS games does not mean it's a quality game.

N4Flamers3561d ago

so sony owns the ip rights to the metal gear series. Theyre generous to let one come out on the iphone then. or mgs2 on the xbox or the twin snakes on gc. Companies will do what they want with their property. DOA was out on the ps brand before the xbox came along. Tecmo has never associated themselves with only one company. After NGS came out, why would it be a surprise that they make a part 2. Itagaki was still here when they made it, they even made one for ds. Tecmo owns the rights they will do what they want, or you can let me know when was the last time you fired up your ps3 for some dead rising.

crck3561d ago

@4.3 Read his comment again more carefully.

"Sony "buy" exclusives alright, but they don't just buy a game, they buy into the IP. Every Sony published exclusive, Sony own the IP rights."

Sony owns the IP of every game they publish (not every exclusive) examples are Resistance, Lair, Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm (before Sony bought the developers). All 2nd party games but all the IPs owned by Sony. However, MS publishes games without buying the IP. Examples are Gears of War, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Alan Wake. The 2nd party has retained the rights to those IPs.

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