Resident Evil 5 makes people commit suicide?


"I'm not sure what the advertisement for Resident Evil 5 is hoping to convey, but apparently playing through the game makes people want to kill themselves."

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Cookigaki3472d ago

Jajaja, the comment at the end about the controls made Cookigaki chuckle. Good one.

Twizlex3472d ago

Yeah, that was a good one. At least the controls are better than they were in the demo. The demo actually had me pretty worried.

Vault Boy3472d ago

I heard bad things about the demo so I didn't play it. Instead I just rented the game when it came out and I'm lovin it.

II Necroplasm II3472d ago

It shines with the online co-op.

Twizlex3472d ago

Co-op makes almost anything better, except (insert crude joke here).

news4noobs3472d ago

how have the controls changed compared to the demo?? they are 100% identical

himdeel3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

...wonder how long before someone considers suicide after hearing Sheva ask for ammo for the 100th time. Now that's truly frustrating.

"The B*### wouldn't shut up so I killed myself. Good bye cruel world."

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Milk is for Babies3472d ago

Yeah, what's up with that commercial? I just saw it yesterday and was like WTF?!?

h0tz0rz3472d ago

I just saw it for the first time at the site. And yeah WTF?

L80BelfDK3472d ago

I thought the dude in the commercial was supposed to be Chris Redfield? It kinda looks like him anyways.

nothere4133472d ago

RE5: Because Sheva's AI will make you want to kill yourself.


Twizlex3472d ago

Yeah, I think that's really the question. Is that dude Chris or not? It could go either way, just like whether or not he jumped could go either way. It's actually kind of a dumb commercial except for the fact that it shows some awesome RE5 footage.

Cookigaki3472d ago

Cookigaki thought it just some dude. If it was supposed to be Chris they could have done lots to make it more obvious.

h0tz0rz3472d ago

Like cast a dude with 50 inch arms?

Twizlex3472d ago

Hahaha, I'm sure they couldn't be over 45"!

Milk is for Babies3472d ago

Since I have experience with humongous arms, I would say they are probably about 22 inches at most.

h0tz0rz3472d ago

Way to take a joke and get all serious, ass.

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Twizlex3472d ago

So does anyone ever post over here any more other than people who are banned from the Gamer Zone?

Etseix3472d ago

im not banned from gamer zone and post in here (maybe beacause its not fulled with comments so fast)
----------------------------- -----

i dont think ppl are goin to suicide because this game
the only *ppl* i know that suicide are *emos* (lol) and i dont think theyr in the mood to be playing/looking at games :P

Mr Tretton3472d ago

I do at least plan on renting this.

Vault Boy3472d ago

You should. I've been playing it for the past 2 days straight after getting it from Gamefly. Definitely worth a rental even if it's frustrating at times.

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The story is too old to be commented.