ATI gets graphics ready for Windows 7

ATI graphics drivers will now be delivered in one tidy package for both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Advanced Micro Devices said Wednesday that it has released Catalyst 9.3, a set of new graphics drivers that constitute a "unified" driver installation package, with support for both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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FantasyStar3533d ago

Nah, I joke. I'm more interested in this statement.

"One of the biggest advantages of having 10.1 hardware is its readiness for DirectX 11, which will be an extension of 10.1, according to Dodd."

How much of support are we talking about? Just BC-capable or actual utilization of those .1 mandatory specs like 4x AA?

sukru3533d ago

Except for a few (minor) problems, the last two driver releases have been working on my Windows 7 x64 machine fine. However...

As writing this DxDiag told me I have DirectX 11, with DDI 10.1 hardware, and WDDM 1.0. (Catalyst 9.2)

Now I upgraded to Catalyst 9.3, and it tells me I have WDDM 1.1.

So they actually have upgraded their driver model. It might be newsworthy.