Microsoft: UK 'Has Chosen' Internet Explorer Writes:

"Microsoft has insisted that the UK has chosen Internet Explorer, with the company launching IE8 into what it terms a 'competitive market'.

There is ongoing controversy over the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows – the world's most popular operating system - with the European Commission looking into a complaint by rival browser maker Opera that the practice is anti-competitive."

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volcane3562d ago

and I mainly use Google Chrome

cwir3562d ago

I'm from UK too and I'm a web developer and the only time I use IE is when I build websites to see if they look right on it. It is true that majority of people in the UK use IE but this is is not their choice. It is ONLY because it was built in the OS and most people haven't heard or don't know how to install Firefox. Every single person that I know that has seen or tried Firefox at least once, switched to it. But the fact is that an ordinary user will most likely use IE and as a web developer I have to take this as a default and test the site in IE in the first place. And the worst bit is testing for IE6 which a lot of people still use (usually on older machines). There are always problems with it and I can't wait for it to be totally obsolete.

Alcon3561d ago

Do companies choose to use IE? Do school, Universities, ect choose IE?
Those are already thousands upon thousands that just use IE.
I would have also been stuck with IE if my brother did not show me Firefox.
When you've got IE standard on every Windows PC, you're often not aware there are others, and don't bother searching for others.
When I was a kid I always thought IE was THE thing to use to go online. When I heard about other (like Firefox, Opera,...) I was kinda shocked lol Never thought you could go on the internet without IE (yeah I did not know much about those things then)
Damn M$ and your brainwashing... lol

LoVeRSaMa3561d ago

I chose IE did I?

hmm, Is that why I am using Firefox?

Microsoft thinks because it forces IE on us that we Choose it, no Logic there.

It must count IE uses as in once per month or something, the ammount of time it takes before i need to format vista, then install XP then use IE to download firefox.

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Senden3562d ago

Thank you microsoft.. why not just release a statement claiming the majority of people from the UK are stupid?

Kushan3562d ago

Correction, the majority of people ANYWHERE are stupid.

na2ru13562d ago

who have an IQ of a 100 aren't stupid

Sangria3562d ago

Next big announcement: "Europe has chosen Windows over OSX and Linux".

Zeus Lee3562d ago

Funny,they're throwing around the word 'chosen' like Windows users have the option for IE

nix3562d ago

more like "UK 'is stuck' with Internet Explorer."

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