Mega Man 2.5D - You have to see it to believe it

Gamer Limit writes "Retro fans, be prepared to see the coolest thing ever. Not only is Metal Man's stage one of the most classic levels of all time, but it's now immortalized in this video. How is it possible? Internet magic of course! Think Paper Mario+Mega Man, and be prepared to be amazed!"

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chrisjc3478d ago

Wow! Will buy.........

Fullish3478d ago

Ah, i dont think it's for sale.

Madgunner3477d ago

my gawd who made this song .. its so awesome especially the part when he turns into his other suit.. fits it so well!!

agentxricky3478d ago

That looks freaking amazing.

Max Power3478d ago

looks awesome! i have never owned a Mega Man game but i would so get this, the classic feel with a new finish.

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The story is too old to be commented.