EA Sports Complex gives you more to do in Home

With its EA Sports Complex, Electronic Arts is getting in Home in a big way. The virtual environment, which is being produced by a studio in San Diego, is looking like another solid space for video game fans. This will most likely become the place for fans of Madden NFL and Fight Night Round 4 to congregate.

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ThatOneGuyThere3325d ago

reading the comment on the source, it seems our beloved(NOT) friends at hhgs have stolen the article in its entirety. way to go hip hop gamer, way to go.

kapedkrusader3325d ago

...Hiphopgamer took that story and blatantly made it look like his own. What a douchebag. I hope none of his stories get approved on N4G anymore. The guy is a flame-baiting, plagiarizing cancer.

Johnny Rotten3325d ago

That's cheap but it doesn't surprise me.

Bren863325d ago

only 2 parties at a time for golf? well thats crap.