Digital Battle: Street Fighter 4 Game Review –The Epitome Of Mediocracy

Digital Battle writes: "One of the good parts about being a gamer toward the top end of that vaunted 18-35 demographic is that you remember all the movements of the past. Many of my readers, for instance, may not remember that most gaming was done in public buildings for profit called arcades. Indeed, arcades also offered the very latest and the very greatest games–no home gaming system could ever possibly compete against the might of an arcade machine, and that was why we were more than willing to pump quarters into those things like no tomorrow. Today, arcades survive largely on sufferage, and those that do offer a panoply of experiences, like jet ski simulators and kayak simulators and the like."

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freshkid13562d ago

i was gonna get this today it was between this and ghwt guitar and i picked the guitar.... didnt really have a reason for me to get this game so i said f it.