God of War III Technology: A Closer Look

CGReviews writes:

"With E3 and loads of new God of War 3 footage just around the corner, I though it would be nice to get ourselves psyched up. So I've thrown together this 'Closer Look' to showcase the amazing graphical upgrade between last generation's God of War and the God of War we're all waiting for--with special thanks to IGN for some great videos that allowed me to put together this nice side-by-side comparison.

Below, you'll find loads of images showcasing the great evolution we see from this game."

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Jinxstar3194d ago

E3 is in July I think...

miasma3194d ago

I'm with ya all the way on that comment, but let's not rush it. Let 'em keep it in the oven until it's done proper.

gaffyh3194d ago

@Ninja - E3 is a little earlier this year, 2-4 June (3 days).

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stealthy-guy3194d ago

but i got to ask the dumb question what happen when this game is release?.every one is closely watching the development of this game. some want it to be the best action pS3 game,others just waiting with their links of sony_boys saying some stupid comment a whlie ago if the game doesn't sell selling well i mean 2+million in first week just like KZ2.

anyways i'am looking forword to this game.

josephat843194d ago

I didn't know that there was that much of a difference. I think it's going to be a lot better though when it actually is released.

T-What3194d ago

AWESOME, I can not wait for Gow3 (its my sisters favorite game)

Jerk1203194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

God of War III Technology = Nothing special because it looks almost exactly the same as God of War II.

So, as far as GFX goes, flop.

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