Is Sony Afraid of Microsoft? Or Vice Versa?

"We are getting to the point in this console generation in which both companies seem to be going in the wrong direction. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is $200 cheaper than Sony's PlayStation 3 and it still manages to come within 100k in hardware sales in Microsoft's homeland; America. Even though Sony seems to be holding its ground even at a higher price point, their software sales for their exclusive games are nowhere near what they should be. Looking at Killzone 2, its marketing, attention, and a plethora of good reviews, its sales were still somewhat disappointing."

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n4f3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

will it make me buy games?

- Ghost of Sparta -3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Well, seeing how the PS3's lineup is unmatched and full of all the latest AAA games, Microsoft should be very afraid especially now that they're losing all of their exclusives while Sony continues to build up on successful new IP's. 2009 has just begun and already Sony published two AAA games with Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, InFamous, M.A.G and others still to come while Microsoft has, so far, none. Just B quality stuff.


360 fans brag about being in 2nd place but how is that really any different from being in third when in the games department, Sony's in 1st ever since the PS1 days. I bought a PS3 to play games and so far, Sony has delivered the best exclusives this generation. Everything on 360 went multi-platform. In sales, the Wii is still slaughtering them both and things will only get worse for Sony and Microsoft now that the Wii is attracting more and more hardcore gamers with titles like Madworld and The Conduit.

Microsoft pretty much stole every 3rd party exclusive from Sony but what are they gonna do now? Notice how now that they have nothing left to steal, they're running out of games while Sony's 1st party lineup is just unbelievable.

Is Sony afraid of Microsoft? No. Microsoft is afraid of Sony, hence the 3rd party support stealing. The Wii, however, is the most feared. I know this and I don't even own one.

John Hendry Eden3562d ago

YES, Sony is afraid of Microsoft. They also steal sh!t from everybody (see "Trophies").

But Microsoft shouldn't care in the least, since Sony is doomed, and they will probably close down their door because of the recession (PS3 isn't profitable like 360 or Wii).

Elven63562d ago

Ghost, I'm not disagreeing or anything but has anyone seen anything from MAG besides that CG E3 trailer?

And like I said below, if your making money why even be afraid? It's business, everything else is a added bonus.

PoSTedUP3562d ago

money= power. microsoft is the one with all the money. if they got DESPERATE then i think they can do alot of damage to sonys structure as a gaming giant. microsoft could make say, cod: mwf2 go exclusive and that would do a lot of damage to sony ( they would obviously have to throw a lot of money at activision, but i think just enough money would convince them) and thats just an example, i doubt it would be that game but take for instance a smaller but popular game such as deadspace2. thats a plus for MS and a minus for sony.

microsoft can do whatever they want to because they have the money (unless its under patent).

but ms should be worried also because sony has alot more first party devs and in house devs than microsoft. sony is bringing out full fledged disc based games to the PSN. sony said that this year would be their most aggressive year in their marketing history. cmon, if sony does that then MS should be shaking in their pants because if you guys remember how aggressive those crash bandicoot commercials were, they yall might have an idea on what sony is actually capable of (including that they didnt really market too much this gen so they should have alot of money saved up to go all out)

microsoft is the angry heartless millionaire and sony is a ticking time bomb.

Danja3562d ago

This article was rather weak it said nothing to back up it's title , Sony isn't scared of M$ in the fact that they came into this gen expecting to lose market share and alot of money

M$ came way early to beat out Sony to try and get an edge which they did but they are not scared of Sony anymore they have built a strong user base but im sure they are still intimidated by Sony and the Playstation brand because if Sony should ever drop the price of the PS3 it's game on and M$ will to come up with something else , they can't keep dropping the prices as ppl assume because at the end of the day they are also running a business and they can only keep losing so much money till the bigger heads step in...and say thats enough ....

ne who what do I just a gamer..ehh not a corporate

XxZxX3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

WTF is this??!!!
LET me clarify how business works.
ANY business You are supposed to be afraid and aware of your competitors.
SO YES SONY is afraid of Microsoft and Microsoft is Afraid of Sony.
Nintendo is afraid of Sony and Sony is afraid of Nintendo.
Microsoft is afraid of Nintendo and Nintendo is afraid of Microsoft.

What kind of bullcrap you guys come out with? those corporate executives might try to shrug thing offs but you know need inside everybody is afraid of everybody especially when everybody want the majority of the pies.

INehalemEXI3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

whats with journalist's not reporting and asking us questions, lazy bastads.

No need to get paranoid. Im sure people at both company's that make millions annually are not as paranoid as some fanboy's and journalist's would think.

I lose more sleep playing the games , they put out then they do over worrying about the competition. That said....

If sony was worried they would cut the price of the PS3. Or put some classics on PSN. I know they are not as worried as some would like to believe.

When MS saw RRoD in the media they where worried enough to spend billions for an extended warranty. (as a 3 time 360 owner, I know that box worries me from time to time. Had 2 that ate discs.) Then again those with such amounts of money to burn can't be to worried...

Sony and MS R&D employee's took one look at the wii mote /facepalmed and said were Bleeped. and at ninty HQ....they bumped some...

IcarusOne3562d ago

it's hard to care about exclusives. I only care which version of a multiplat is better - which is typically 360.

I feel like exclusives are at the heart of fanboyism. I think most of us just want good games. And if they happen to be multiplat, so much the better.

Now I'm gonna get my Flower on and try to forget about all this tension.

YungXclusive2K93562d ago

They are still the console champions and 360s 28 million as of last official word compared to 21 million that the ps3 sold is nothing when you factor in the ps2s out there and the psps.

If sony feared microsoft they would buy games like microsoft does, instead they are practically announcing or have a rumored new 3rd party exclusive or stolen exclusive everyday with no hurt out their pockets that we know of.

Sony is supreme

This doesn't mean i don't like xbox

YungXclusive2K93562d ago

Sonys 09 - 10 line up is enough for 4 years, this is rediculous the things we have coming, I hate to even see 360 fanboys without a ps3 because they are seriously gonna miss out on half the biggest games of the next 2 years. The only arguement anybody should have about the ps3 is the price and thats all.

Omg i feel like someone is lieing to me when they show all these amazing games on the ps3 only. Infamous Uncharted, They just dropped this Diamond on us called Killzone 2, MLB 09 The show God of War 3 Ratchet & Clank 2 Heavy Rain War Devil Just to name a few,

I seriously feel sorry for all the people who can't play those games because they can't afford a ps3

09 games will rape my recession hit pockets

cmrbe3562d ago

Which company rushed out their console 1 year in advance because they fear the competition?.

Godmars2903562d ago

"but has anyone seen anything from MAG besides that CG E3 trailer?"

People said the same thing about Motorstorm, KZ2 and Alan Wake.

Aside from AW, which is years in limbo and not just a few months, just saying.

soxfan20053562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )


As much as you would like to believe that Sony has a monopoly on highly rated exclusives, a closer look at Meatcritic will show that PS3 has 4 exclusives rated 90 or higher, while 360 has 5, not to mention 360 also has several XBLA exclusives rated in the 90's. Games released prior to 2009 don't just disappear because new ones come along - remember, to a new buyer - which is what MS and Sony are seeking - ALL games are new to them. And, while Sony's 2009 lineup looks impressive on paper, that is NO guarantee of ratings or commercial success.

RemmM3562d ago

This will just lead to flamewars

SiLeNt KNighT3562d ago

two question marks in this headline this time. let me break it down...

one ? = bs article. mainly for amusement purposes

two ?'s = author is an idiot, no need to read

follow this rule and you may retain some iq points while reading some of these articles.

phosphor1123562d ago


Man I read almost every single one of those comments (on all the games) and this one takes the cake for Killzone 2. I just want to punch this guy in his jugular.

John P gave it a 1:
OMG!! What a worthless mediocre game. There are so many flaws with this game that I wonder what is with the high ratings. 1) The characters are so shallow. Garza's interpretation of Macbeth was ok, however it didn't make me stand and applause. Shame.. 2) The game lacks a genuine well written story. As with every other fps, I was expecting the twist and plot of a movie like "the usual suspects" blending into the game rather than just the "walk and shoot" formula. Disappointing.. 3) Unbelievable. The game has the nerve to pause on me for a split second when it loads new areas. Last time it happened I lost my trigger happy mood to continue. 4) Frame drops. I noticed a significant amount of frame dropping by a whole(!) 2,97fps at some points. Nope. This is not the fps of our dreams. The one where we can stop shooting at a certain point, get some rest and play pool mini-games with our comrades. Lacks originality indeed.

commodore643562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )


" Question
Which company rushed out their console 1 year in advance because they fear the competition?. "

you mean when sony released their ps2 one year ahead of the xbox1?

That's what you are talking about, yeah?

oh wait.

cayal3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Sony fearing Microsoft is laughable. It's like Shaq fearing Mugsy Bogues.

@ above - Sony's "rushed" console lead to the greatest console ever made (sales wise).

Microsofts rushed console has lead to one of the worst hardware blunders in electronics history and they still can't even "win" the battle.

cmrbe3562d ago

Nice try. Sony always schedule to release the PS2 in 1999-2000. Just like Sega MS rushed the x360 like the dreamcast out because they were afraid of big bad Sony. Sony didn't care either way. Even waiting until a whole year before launching the PS2 and PS3 after competition.

I don't think sony even knew about MS xbox at the dawn of last gen console cycle. If if they knew i doubted they even care.

MS knew just like Sega that they can't afford to launch head to head with Sony because of the PS2 and PS1 domination of the gaming market.

Nice try but try even harder.

commodore643561d ago

nice damage control, crmbe.

So yeah, it WAS the ps2 that had a one year lead.


Nineball21123561d ago

LOL! So, commodore... your contention is that Sony, who already had success with the PS and lots of success with other electronic equipment... was worried about a game system that a software company was going to mfg. So worried in fact, that they purposely launched the PS2 early. Riiiight.

I'm not debating the quality of either system here either.

No logical person would think that Sony put out the PS2 "early" to combat the Xbox. That's some creative spin there, I gotta hand it to you.

cmrbe3561d ago

Damage control? lol.

Its people like you that give x360 fans a bad rep. No one in their right mind would believe that Sony after selling 100 million PS1 and absolutely dominated with the PS1 launched the PS2 one year early because they feared a no name brand xbox lmao!!.

Its obvious you are a young one because if you were old enough to read back in 1999. Commentators were saying Sony made a big mistake in launching the PS2 late!!. Some even gave the console war to Sega lol!.

In 2001. MS being late to the party decided then to launch the xbox. It had no effect at all on Sony releasing the PS2 in 1999-2000.

Kid, you are not fooling anyone around here. Actually you are only making yourself look like a fool.

commodore643561d ago

well, crmbe

I do believe you made a fool out of yourself a long time ago.
So yeah... i guess you win that one.

Thanks again.

Your retrospective spin doesn't alter the fact that the ps2 released (over) a year earlier than the xbox1.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you guys cry foul?
Come on.

You can do better.
(you know it's true)


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360 man3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

i would say this

if killzone 2 was an xbox 360 exclusive

microsoft would have marketed the hell out of it

and it would have sold 2-3 million week 1


Nick2120043562d ago

If Killzone 2 was released on the Xbox 360, Microsoft would have marketed the crap out of the game and would have possibly sold as well as Halo 3.

PoSTedUP3562d ago

yea probably because Microsoft got that paper to market the hell outta things.

sony needs to shape up man, they said that his year would be the most aggressive in their marketing history, hopefully they are mans of their word...

Aclay3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

"If Killzone 2 was released on the Xbox 360, Microsoft would have marketed the crap out of the game and would have possibly sold as well as Halo 3."

Nah, I disagree. If Gears of War and Gears of War 2 hasn't come very close to outselling Halo 3, I don't think that Killzone 2 would have either if it was released on the 360, regardless of Microsoft advertising.

And 360man, first week sales are nice and all, but I'm more interested in how a game does in the long run. I don't think that Metal Gear Solid 4 even sold 2-3 million copies within the first week of it's release, yet by the end of 2008, it had went on to sell well over 4 million copies and the last I heard, it was closing in on 5 million.

Killzone 2's PS3 NPD numbers may or may not be anything to brag about, but by the end of this year, I can definantly see it selling 4 million.

TheMART3562d ago


Isn't strange to sell pretty allright in the end. The price dropped about 4 months after its release already. It just got platinum (5 March) and its on sale now for 28 Euro overhere.

Gears 1 sold 3 mln. in 10 weeks, Gears 2 sold the same in 4 weeks.

Now I don't see KZ2 do that as the sequel to KZ1.

HDDVD_for_the_win3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Sales sales sales, the last game left for Xbox retards.

Game on, seriously... You're too young to be analyst in a bank, plus they just got fired anyway.

Danja3562d ago

MGS4 sold over a million in one week pretty good figures closing in on 5 million sold ..just 2 million away from MGS2 which sold 7 million on the PS32 .

@Mart dude come on...ur acting like KZ1 was a huge hit yes it sold between 2-3 million that was 5 years ago

No one has seen official figures for KZ2 so how about we wait for Sony announce them...

fact still remains the game is closing in on 2 million if it hasn't already passed that figure in less than a month...pretty good figures for a Sequel to a game that many ppl said sucked right ?>

Xbots play games3562d ago

@ AclayPS3

MGS4 is pushing 4..but K2 will not be near 4 at the end of this year. In fact it will not catch MGS4. People hyped the game and now want to claim the Microsoft could have handled it better, but the underlying truth is K2 is Starship Troopers...Gears is Aliens..and Halo is Star Wars. Nope M$ is not scared at all.

XLiveGamer3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

"And 360man, first week sales are nice and all, but I'm more interested in how a game does in the long run"

[email protected]_0b ?

Bull sh!t !!!

Damn fanboy!

@ Xbots play games

100% with you on that lol

cmrbe3562d ago

if KZ2 was on the x360 it would kill the x360.

commodore643562d ago

if Killzone2 was on the 360 it would probably have better antialialising and better framerates.

AngryTypingGuy3561d ago

It would've sold better, but it wouldn't reach Halo numbers. It probably wouldn't even reach Gears numbers. I don't think any exclusive will reach Halo numbers in the next couple of generations.

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DK_Kithuni_713562d ago

Both should fear Nintendo. I do. If the crappy Wii is what the mass market wants I fear Sony and Microsoft will give it to them, which is sad. It would be a step back.

Nick2120043562d ago

The Wii has already won this console generation. I feel the competition is between Sony and Microsoft.

Bnet3433562d ago

Wii has won this generation? Wrong.

Motion3562d ago

Its last gen tech that got a late release ;)

P.S. I'm not hating on the Wii

Godmars2903562d ago

Aside from the fact that even Nintendo doesn't know what they did with the Wii. Which means they're going to have problems repeating or continuing it with a new or updated system.

soxfan20053562d ago

"Both should fear Nintendo. I do. If the crappy Wii is what the mass market wants I fear Sony and Microsoft will give it to them, which is sad. It would be a step back."

I'm not worried about that. The combined 50 million 360's and PS3's sold so far this generation prove that there is still a huge market for "real" games.

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sulack3562d ago

I think mircosoft is awair of sonys position in the console war and and trying to pull as much money as possible from where they are... They loose; they get a bunch of money, they win; they get a bunch more.

sulack3562d ago

wow i get dissagrees... I think it is a verry good stratagy for mirosoft