COD4 to get a 3rd release

PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: "Theres no two way's about it, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been quite possibly the biggest FPS shooter of this generation so far and even today years after its release most of us are still playing it and activision will be re-releasing the title again in the near future."

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resistance1003560d ago

I'm confused why it will be launched at full RRP with COD4:MW2 just around the corner

jammy_703559d ago

but i feel the COD series is rushed and cud b so muchbetter, well in the campaign department, WAW campaign was like 3 hours long...

Mikerra173559d ago

2 years later the price is still like $60 I would buy it again if they brought it down to $30

FF7numbaone3559d ago

yes cod MW: 2 is on its way but not every1 knows thats. cod4 is pretty good, its more interesting than waw. Plus Infinity ward imo is the star dev and treyach are bench players.

egres3559d ago

patch some trophy support for the PS3...

I would personally love to have that ^_^

y0haN3559d ago

Full price re-release so near CoD:MW2? Activision's on the farm and it's MILK DAY!!

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DK_Kithuni_713560d ago

I just simply love that game (multiplayer). Hours and hours and hours of fun. See ya' online! Come get some..!

resistance1003560d ago

I found i couldn't get into COD:WAW like i did COD4:MW

DK_Kithuni_713560d ago

Had decent fun with Modern Warfare but have not spend as much time with it as World at War. Did not finish the single player in any of them. Kind of odd. I finished Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 several times in single player. Surely had a great time with Killzone 2 in single player too.

World at War really shines in multiplayer. Somehow the old weapons just feel better to me. Furthermore I prefer the dogs in World at War over the helicopters in Modern Warfare. And who can say no to a flamethrower? Besides World at War has co-op and zombies, which Modern Warefare doesn’t.

It’s all a matter of opinion i guess. Both are superb (!) games and should be in any decent First Person Shooter collection.

rockleex3559d ago

Were perfect for Search and Destroy.

I play COD4 only because I love its Search and Destroy. But I hate its lag... -_-"

Anyways, I loved COD:WAW for its Zombie Mode! >:D

Hopefully COD4:MW2 does something unique like that. ^_^

FF7numbaone3559d ago

wow if i had to play a ww2 game. I'd rather play cod 2 than waw. After MW I already made up my mind that I like playing with modern weopans. So when waw came out and saw treyach doing it, I was like naw.

jeseth3559d ago

I like [email protected], but in my mind it pales in comparison to COD4. The weapons and maps were all perfect on COD4; [email protected] all the maps feel too circular and most of the weapons feel the same as long as you stay in that weapon class.

The spawning in [email protected] is also flawed compared to COD4 in my opinion. COD4 spawned you behind your team very well. [email protected] spawns you the way games like Unreal Tournament spawn...ANYWHERE. Often right in the middle of a firefight (so you immediately die) or right in front of where the opposing team is spawning (so you immediately die).

I don't mean to sound like I dislike [email protected] but I don't think it is in the same atmosphere as COD4.

For example:

COD4 : Over 16hrs. online and Level 55 Gold Cross. And I haven't played it since [email protected] came out.

[email protected] : Only 6 days online since launch and I'm bored with it. Even when I play with my clan buddies.

No Way3559d ago

There was an article on here a few months ago saying that MW2 would have a game mode similar to that of WaW's zombie mode.

Mikerra173559d ago

come on man there is no way WaW is better

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Blasphemy3560d ago

Activision sure knows how to milk a franchise.

Sarcasm3559d ago

Leave it to them to ignore the pleas for a Trophy and Rumble patch.

Leogamer3559d ago

And so is Nintendo, Sony, and MS. Is the bottom line. Money makes the world go round.


irishxdrunk3559d ago

At least WAW wasn't as bad as COD3, definetly not as good as 4 though.

PirateThom3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I'm guessing the price of this will go down. It'll esentually turn out to be Call of Duty 4 as it was originally released, without the code for the map packs, a "classics" or "platinum" release, if you will.

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