Who Should Buy the Mortal Kombat Franchise?

Midway may be selling their Mortal Kombat franchise. So who should buy the popular intellectual property from them?

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s8anicslayer3562d ago

Without a question capcom should buy MK, Imagine a MK vs SF vs Marvel, my god!

Liamabob3562d ago

would play the DLC card again.
I reckon namco could tighten up the fighting mechanics.

Megaton3562d ago

@1.1 - Scamco is worse than Crapcom with rip off DLC. The only one that trumps the two of them is EA.

rockleex3561d ago

Definitely could make the game MUCH better, if they take it seriously. ^_^

pain777pas3559d ago

Namco or Capcom could make the new game though Capcom would not change as much of it as I think Namco would Im talking gameplay not style or graphics both are good at both.

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Cajun Chicken3562d ago

I think any other publisher would completely ruin it, sorry. I've just seen franchises get sold and franchised to death with different developers, reboots and so forth. I just couldn't stand it if it happened to MK.

Maybe UbiSoft could keep it going and still have Midway developing the games but Ubi owning the franchise, slightly similar terms to the whole 'Wheelman situation'.
I think that EA and Activision would drill it to death.

Mr Tretton3562d ago

I understand your skeptisism. But what if a good dev bought it? For all you know there's a dev out there that could make it a great franchise.

IMO, devs out there should be fighting for this franchise. If you take MK and make it great, it's money in the bank. A legendary franchise to own. It's up for grabs. I hope EA/ubisoft/activision don't buy it. They'll just make crap 'product' out of it.

OGharryjoysticks3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

I didn't read the article but from answering the headline I can say I think it would be good for Sony to buy the MK franchise. Fight games are the biggest in Japan and even though MK is not big in Japan, if Sony was to buy it and put one of the Japan studio teams on development I'm pretty sure they would knock it out the park. Sony also has a ton of franchises but no fighting games so it could really fill the void. And since Sony owns movie studios they could make another MK movie and I liked the MK movies :)

SinnedNogara3562d ago

I doubt a Japanese developer would buy the franchise. It wouldn't sell well in Japan.

Maybe EA or Activision should take it.

masterofpuppets3562d ago

please capcom, sony america would do the franchise proud bring mortal kombat back to 2d please.

freshkid13562d ago

this is hard but mabey if there was a new company made that combined capcoms and rare then they should make it

OGharryjoysticks3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Nobody except 360 owners who want to feel good about having a studio left care about Rare anymore.

EDIT- mintaro, way to go doing the fanboy to defend the fanboy. Nobody except 360 owners who cream over exclusives (what ever they are) cares about Rare and Killer Instinks. Seriously, have you ever heard anyone (outside of 360 fanboys) ever mention Rare's game when talking about the good fighting games? There's WAY better fight games. A lot of them. Sorry.

mintaro3562d ago

As long as there's a chance of KI 3, people will care about Rare. So stop being a douche as he said nothing fanboyish at all.

odisho683562d ago

if rare did pick it up we would see a killer instinct/mortal kombat game with awesome fatalities...

butttt i think capcom or EA will try picking this one up...capcom passing on this would be a major mistake because they will control 2 of the most prominent fighting franchises ever...mortal kombat and street fighter

EA picking this up would result in a MK game coming out every single year and turning into reiteration after reiteration like the madden franchise...Mortal Kombat 2012 anyone???

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