Why DVD's Better Than Blu-ray

IGN: Blu-ray may have won the format war, but with HD DVD now soundly dispatched, an old foe refuses to retreat. Standard-def DVD still has plenty of fight left in it. In fact, there are plenty of ways in which the SD format is -- dare we say -- a better choice than Blu-ray.

Heresy, you say? Listen... We aren't trying to assert that DVD has better picture quality than Blu-ray -- that would be absurd. And of course there are cool features, like BD-Live, that seemingly give Blu-ray the edge. But when you really take an examined look at the big picture, Blu-ray isn't for everybody.

There are hardware complexities, product availability issues, and most importantly -- especially in hard economic times like these -- Blu-ray is significantly more expensive. Taking all that into account, it's easy to imagine a scenario where the majority of casual home video consumers will remain devoted to DVD for quite some time.

But is DVD really better than Blu-ray? Here are some reasons why we think so. Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3534d ago

Those of us with 1080p HDTV's have moved on.

Chubear3534d ago

tsk tsk IGN tsk tsk. Uhm, I wonder, had HHGS done this exact article how many would have been screaming "who approved this garbage" "Argh! stupid flambait article"

... but I guess it's IGN it's not that bad >.>

evrfighter3534d ago

probably because IGN has earned their respect points being in the business when HHG was still just a kid.

It's kind of like hhg being the idiot of the class trying to get everyones attention. While IGN is like one of the bigshots of the class where when he speaks people listen.

eagle213534d ago

Don't use the "recession" for this nonsense. If you want to drive a Pinto while I drive a BMW, fine. But don't try to convince me: Pinto > BMW. just cause you can't afford it.

Moving on......... :)

callahan093534d ago

Allow me to refute every major argument from this article.

Blu-Ray is clearly the better format in terms of audio, visuals, and features. I have not noticed any long load times on either of my Blu-Ray players (one is a PS3, the other is a 150 dollar Sony standalone model). Up-Conversion doesn't work nearly as well they'd have us believe; Blu-Ray quality is much better than up-scaled DVD. Already having a large collection of DVD's is irrelevant when they can play in any Blu-Ray player (even up-converted as they mention in their own article), you can repurchase the ones you want with better quality or don't if you don't care, and you can purchase any further movies to add to your collection on the superior Blu-Ray format.

If you can't get what you want on Blu-Ray, well: either get it on DVD and upscale, or WAIT until it comes out on Blu-Ray (it was a long time before a lot of classics came out on DVD originally, too, like Star Wars, which is a movie they even picture in this article during the segment titled "You Can't Get That on Blu-Ray", and The Godfather, which came out on Blu-Ray much sooner into its lifespan than it came out on DVD into its lifespan).

Digital downloads killing off physical media? Well, it won't happen anytime soon (if ever, frankly), and even if it did, in the mean time, you've still got to have physical media, so Blu-Ray is just as much of a viable option here as DVD. When (if) the Digital Distribution bandwagon really takes off, it'll be just as much of a boon to DVD as it will be to Blu-Ray (actually, probably more so) ...

And finally, my favorite argument: Price!

Why, just the other day I got a couple of new Blu-Rays from Amazon, including:

Chung-King Express (Criterion Collection) = $28.99
DVD = $35.99

Iron Man 2-Disc Ultimate Edition = $16.99
DVD = $22.99

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade = $14.49
DVD = $14.49

The Dark Knight 2-Disc Special Edition = $23.99
DVD = $20.99

Now, with my purchase this week, two of those movies were cheaper on Blu-Ray than DVD, one was the exact same price, and one was only slightly more expensive but in exchange for that extra expense I got the superior version with exclusive bonus features... well worth it. Now, some Blu-Rays are more expensive than others, but for the most part, the price of Blu-Ray movie discs is going down enough that they're nearing the price of DVDs, and in some cases matching or even beating the price of DVD counterparts.

thebudgetgamer3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

but the info on screen says 1080p with my ps3 does anyone know why that is, and blu-ray kills dvd

:) edit: Blu-Ray is clearly the better format in terms of audio, visuals, and features.
end of discusion.

thank you sir for the info

UltimateIdiot9113534d ago

If your TV is 720p, manually set it to 720p. I guess for some reason your tv is telling the PS3 it's a 1080p. I'm not sure leaving it at 1080p will damage your tv.

FarEastOrient3534d ago

How come no one complained when DVDs used to cost so much, for example I still have a DVD player that still works and it cost $2300. Now I'm still keeping it so I can stick in a electronics history exhibit in the future, maybe.

Ju3534d ago


The info is the signal your TV can digest. Most of the 720p TVs can eat 1080i or p signals (like mine), and the real physical resolution is not even 720, its 768 in most cases (mostly true for LCDs, not for Plasmas, I think), means its 1366x768 rather then 1280x720 (the lower HDTV signal). So, no matter what you feed into your TV, the electronic inside takes care of scaling it to the physical resolution. The info shows the signal not the physical resolution.

Mikerra173534d ago

this has to be the owrst article ive ever seen

MNicholas3534d ago

IGN ought to be embarrassed. It's never a good sign to see a tech oriented magazine promoting obsolete technology over innovation.

Darkfocus3534d ago

it says so at the end of the article

dantesparda3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

That's easy, because DVD is on the 360 and Blu-Rays are on the PS3, thats all. Check the guys history and i bet you he's a 360 fanboy. Objectivity is non-existing in this day and age.

But seriously this guys arguments/reasoning is both retarded and pathetic. I say VHS for the win!

And p.s. eagle did nail it.

aaron58293534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I mean, why bother other than trying to get hits ?

I mean, a big company such as IGN still cant decide which is better ?

I always hate A>B this week, B>A next week articles... They mean nothing but flamebaits.


Also, i'm so sick of people kept on saying up-scaled dvd looks as good as bluray ...

If your eyes are working at least 50%, you will see that upscaled dvd DOES NOT LOOK as good.

I dont know about watching it on SD, but if you have HDTV, you WILL see the dont even need a 1080P tv to see it.

I've proven this to my friends over and over again...

jtucker783533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

This is like a car magazine coming up with the article:
Why Volkswagen is better than Ferrari

Volkswagen are cheaper
Volkswagen parts are easier to get hold of
Volkswagen don't have to have tires replaced every 6000 miles regardless of wear and tear.
Volkswagen don't need servicing as often.
Volkwagen have more seats.
Volkswagen have more trunk space.

Blah blah blah

Guess what? I'd still much rather own a Ferrari than a Volkswagen.

Price, convenience etc. who cares? If you can afford it it's all about the better experience.

Blu ray = way better picture.
Ferrari = way better drive.

What's next?
Nintendo Wii better than PS3 because its cheaper and sells more?


DVD can still be used and its cheap and all that but blu-ray is just better but also more expensive. I think its a bad idea to buy a DVD today becuse it wont last aslong as Blu-Ray will.

3533d ago
SL1M DADDY3533d ago

*golf clap*

Preach on... Preach on!

HolyOrangeCows3533d ago

Because their first reason is price.

Gantrfaxx3533d ago

Oh my....
I can't belive this article. What is the point of it.
The next article then should be: "Why is Ps3 better than X360"
-It's chepaer than X360
-Mo' technology mo' problems

LoVeRSaMa3533d ago

What DVD is better then Bluray, I better throw out my Bluray player an get me one of these DVD players, anyone know where I can get me some of this space age tech??!?!?


Everyone knows the Recession does not really affect the Entertainment industry as such, people will invest in long term entertainment possibly by investing in a games console or a media system for the longhall.

jovherye3533d ago

Totally agree with you there Sparta. Only thing better is price, period. If you shop around on the net, you can find prices similar or better then DVD releases.

karan86243533d ago

@ 1.4.... you just said what I have been trying to say about PS3 prices for a year but couldnt find the right words. THANK YOU

edgeofblade3533d ago

Better is such a useless term. Most everyone has already decided what "better" is without any evidence. It's their gut feeling, and that's all it will ever be.

But that gut feeling was informed by what's important to people... and picture quality isn't that important to my gut feeling while price and the ability to lend it to my non-PS3 owning friends is.

Anon19743533d ago

DVD's are better because they're cheaper than the new format. Bravo *slow clap*...Bravo.

And Blu-Ray's are going to be replaced by digital downloads? Is that about it? Answer me this, then. Video on demand services have been available from every major cable company for almost a decade now. Selection is good, price is on about par or less than rentals. What on earth makes them think that if VOD hasn't really caught on that digital downloads are suddenly going to up and replace physical media? And where the hell is all this bandwidth going to magically appear from if all of North America suddenly starts streaming their movies and tv shows?

darthv723533d ago

That is the only reason I still buy DVD. I have more dvd players throughout my home as well as in the car. Nothing wrong with that. DVD is a convenience right now and there will be a time when blu will have cheap players and portable units to which I can swap out my existing equipment.

Till then I get to enjoy the blu on the big 42" screen while the kids watch dvd in their room or play room or on the go.

T3L3PROOF3533d ago

alright, there is seriously no reason why you should put a PS3 in the picture, just put a blu-ray player.

This is an example of people who want to show hate towards consoles.

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resistance1003534d ago

Weak reasons considering its a IGN article.

majorsuave3533d ago

What's funny is that IGN is owned by Fox and Fox has been in the Blu Ray camp from the start.... go figure.

Audio CD is due for an upgrade, that old 1982 format sounds harsh

PirateThom3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

1. It's Cheaper Than Blu-Ray - Irrelevent, you pay for quality and new tech.
2. Mo' Technology, Mo' Problems - Blu-ray player > HDMI >HDTV. The more people that have Blu-ray players, the easier it will become to take discs with you.
3.You Already Own A Ton of DVDs - Which are playable in Blu-ray players, so don't have to always be replaced, unless you want HD, unless...
4. Up-Conversation Really Works - Except, it doesn't come close to HD quality.
5. You Can't Get That on Blu-ray - "Yet". The library of Blu-ray titles is already bigger than DVD was at its point in its life.
6. Blu-ray is A Stop-Gap - And digital distribution is a pipe dream.

Cajun Chicken3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I'm fairly sure that this must be some kind of rehash of a 'Why VHS is better than DVD' article from the same network at some early point in the internet.

These reasons are all lame. The fact that its new, you have everything on another format etc is void and purely laughable. I'm still buying a lot of DVDs due to them being cheap, but that doesn't stop me wanting better quality of movies. I bought Eagle Eye on Blu-Ray the other day, can't wait to see it again, sure, it won't be the IMAX, but it'll be better quality than DVD.

no-spin3534d ago

i thought it was a cnet article, but ign???
something seems fishy, will investigate! lol

evrfighter3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Thom you forget that we are in a middle of a recession. It doesn't matter how many bullet points you use to define why blu-ray is better.

The point is DVD flourished in a time where we didn't see economic hardships. Blu-Ray at the moment is just too expensive both in disc and player to become mainstream at the moment. DVD will be on top no matter the quality for many years to come as long as times are tough.

Ya I myself just bought a 40 inch 1080p samsung. What else did I buy with it? an upconverting dvd/divx player with a built in usb port that I CONSTANTLY use to watch movies/anime and HBO/Showtime series...That little drive will actually save me money in the long run by not having to use blank dvd's whenever I want to watch a movie.

Sure I wish I had a blu-ray player but in no way do I feel like I'm missing out.

PirateThom3534d ago

And, again, Blu-ray has a faster adoption rate than DVD even in a recession.

no-spin3534d ago

totally irrelevant

DVD is the standard medium for around 10 years. Blu Ray is just starting up after the format wars win against HD-DVD. And even with the bad economy Blu Ray started better than DVD did and it will improve because in bad times people want entertainment and when look for good deals and those special sales days, you can get the blue ray and tv at a fair cost (obviously not everybody will do this). the economy affects the rise of Blu Ray, but many still will buy into the entertainment of 1080p movies and amazing sound. When the PS3 drops to $300 (please God) the Blu Ray install will increase drastically, because the PS3 will be selling hot and everyone knows this.

Either that or the economy will take anyone down no matter what, damn

Gam713534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

The faster adoption rate argument is lame.

So what.
When DVD was getting started people weren't used to films not being on a tape format.
VCD had failed miserably and consumers were reluctant to pick up DVD's.

People just weren't as tech savvy as now and more set in their ways.
DVD paved the way for blu-ray to take off.

If we was going from VHS to Blu-ray the adoption rate would be far less than now because people would consider it another fad and watching films on a disc format no matter how good the quality would be alien and inferior.

The market has grown as well as people using technology more in everyday life.
To most people it looks like a dvd and plays like a dvd so not a daunting leap like it was from vhs.

Coming out with a blanket statement like it means what you want it to is misleading.

infamousinfolite3534d ago

now I can see why people or most people would prefer DVD over Blu-Ray. 1. It's cheaper
2. Some or most people who don't own HDTV's (trust me I know a few) would consider just a DVD based on not trying to pay extra for the same movie with better quality.
3. and its still the standard option for purchasing movies in some or most homes.

So yea, but DVD better than Blu-Ray I see now Blu-Ray is becoming a bigger library, now. Also, soon it will become the standard option for purchasing and watching movies.

Also just to add in you can fit a lot more content into said Blu-Ray then said DVD so like instead of having a two disc special it could be a one disc with extra content. Or if possible another version of the original video like Spider-man 2 and 2.1(I think that's what its called) on one disc.

shadow27973534d ago

Well it really depends on what the question is.

If you go by the title, then there is no possible way DVD is "better" than Blu-ray. In fact, that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Price, adoption rate, etc. is all irrelevant in terms of what is "better" as a disc medium. Blu-ray will always win because of the quality. It trumps DVD in every respect.

But at the end of the first paragraph they mention an entirely different question. "Is DVD a better CHOICE than Blu-ray?" And the answer to that question is a very solid: It depends. Adopting Blu-ray means buying a new player, there's a very slim number of people who would want a Blu-ray that don't already have a DVD player. That costs extra money, and frankly, you can watch the exact same movies on your current player. So many might think, "why bother?" And for those people DVD is a better choice than Blu-ray.

However, for the guy that owns a huge 1080p flat screen TV, watching DVD's might be almost unbearable for him and Blu-ray is obviously a much better choice - for him.

Is DVD better than Blu-ray? No, of course not. Is it a better choice for some people? Yes.

ChilliDemon3534d ago

I think you are right on the money, there, shadow. Bubble for you.

rockleex3533d ago

So you're saying DVD had a much harder time than Bluray?

Well good! That just further proves that it will be EASIER for Bluray to become the standard Disc format within the next couple years. ^_^

nycredude3533d ago

Are you really that much of a Sony hater? I mean you hate everything Ps3 and Sony so much so that it's sickening.

let me ask you how much you spent on your tv and sound system so far? Are you THAT much of a hater that you refuse to spend another $150 bucks on a bluray player to maximize your investment in your "HD" TV? Why did you buy an "HD" TV then if you are going to watch up-converted non-HD movies? Even a decent (oppo) up-converter will run you at least $100. Bluray movies are no longer much more expensive than dvds so let's get past that BS argument. You can in many cases get them cheaper than dvds if you look hard enough.

All you people hating on Bluray you are just delaying the inevitable, It's here to stay and will co-exist with dvds for now just like when vhs co-existed with dvd. Eventually dvd will die also like vhs did. It's called evolution and it's how technology is moved forward.

I seiously don't understand anyone who spends 2 to 3 thousand dollars on a nice hdtv and sound system and then refuses to buy a bluray player or ps3. It just doesn't make any sense, it's like buying a sports car and using 87 unleaded gas, or using winter tires on a supercar.

edgeofblade3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago ) distribution is a pipe dream. Where did you hear that? I get movies over netflix, my 360, and....shock!.... my PS3.

Except I have never had to wait for a movie to download on the 360 or netflix. PS3 always stops halfway through a 30 minute show cause Sony didn't think to calculate the time a download would finish and start the video accordingly...

evrfighter3533d ago

am I a sony hater? Lol hell when we got the damn tv I wanted a damn blu-ray player. the player wasn't my call as I've heard from the wifey what many lower/middle class guys have probably heard from theirs.

"Why the hell do we need a blu-ray player" good luck trying to convince her that when she knows I can just download a Blu-Ray movie overnight and hook up the pc to it. In fact I've done it a few times already (ok more than a few). I've seen how blu-ray looks and there's not really a noticeable difference. I'm a pc gamer that has about 2tb across 2 pc's so space is not even an issue.

Don't assume just because I bought a lcd tv that someone in my position can just go out and drop $150 on something that's only purpose is to watch movies. I can spend $50 less on a 1TB hard drive and use it to store, play, and watch music, games, and movies.

I'll wait till their sub $100 like I did when DVD players were the main format before I go that route

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chasegamez23534d ago

only the bums without 1080p tv's
think dvd is better
its all blu for me