Resident Evil 4 Vs Resident Evil 5 Writes:

"Resident Evil 4 is considered the game that put the fear back into survival horror, this time with a whole new combat system and a vastly better control scheme. Now players could finally aim for ammo-saving headshots, explore full three-dimensional environments, and survive large shootouts with even larger hordes of enemies. It was a huge change for the series, but one that reminded everyone Resident Evil was still the best around.

Now, Resident Evil 5 is finally hitting U.S. shelves, bringing back the fresh gameplay of RE4 and replacing the terrifying Las Plagas with a new, deadlier breed of enemy. Sure, GamePro loves Capcom's newest masterpiece to death, which is probably evident from our glowing Resident Evil 5 review. But can RE5 really live up to the high bar set by its predecessor"

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ToastyMcNibbles3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

i agree somewhat...although the co op in re5 is nice it somewhat hindered the experience because there wasnt an opportunity for crazy moments like in re4...for example the boss battle with el gigante in re5 wasnt as intense as in re4...and i remember some other stand out moments in re4 like the laser qte sequence and the krauser knife battle as well as the lake creature boss battle...awesome moments...not to say re5 doesnt have awesome moments but i do kinda feel re4's single player experience was much better because was a SINGLE player experience and allowed for more...dont know though..i would have to think more on it because i just finished re5 which by the way is awesome but havent really gathered all my thoughts yet but thats what i feel at the moment

3562d ago
killzone2ownsallfps3562d ago

both games are garbage.. i want come back the old days of survival horror in ps1 imo.

ThatCanadianGuy3562d ago

Really? Garbage? I haven't bothered picking up Re5 yet.
But RE4 was a pretty damn good game !

3562d ago
Rhezin3562d ago

because you have no friends to play split-screen with. Isn't that sad awwwwwwwwwww

Homicide3561d ago

I felt Resident Evil 4 is better. It innovated the series, and it was completely fun. I didn't like the last two chapters in RE5. The enemies there are stupid.