Mistwalker Releases Artwork for Next Project

SCRAWL: "Mistwalker Corporation has seemed to release the first piece of artwork for their next project they're working on at their studios. The artwork was done by Kimihiko Fusijaka, the same guy who worked on Drakenguard. The picture displays an adult character with some skull demonish creature behind him and a dragon behind that."

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Man_of_the_year3534d ago

IMHO LO by Mistwalker was a great JRPG with a great story and likeable characters. Jensen was a perfect character for the comedy support. If this game is anything like LO i will be more than happy to pick this game up day 1.

The only thing that i would change would be to allow to save in more areas and not just random areas that are to widely seperated...if something comes up it takes forever to either back track to a save point or push forward and find one.

thereapersson3533d ago

It's a shame they had to use the Unreal Engine, instead of making their own engine for the game. I'm sure the graphics would have fared a bit better, with less slowdown and aliasing.

That said, the graphical issues I had with the game were minor in comparison to the actual core gameplay and character development.

Sonyslave33534d ago

look awesome but i still hope they bring back cry on.

XLiveGamer3534d ago

I bet its another Lost Odyssey title.

XLiveGamer3534d ago

Wow Ghost you are just another dumb fanboy. Lost Odyssey title its way better than a lot of SquareEnix RPG's and even Final Fantasy games.

What your next comment a NO? Did you play it? NO? then STFU

- Ghost of Sparta -3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )



Better than Final Fantasy? Now I know you're on drugs. You're a 360 gamer though so I understand why you're such a moron. You're excused.

lord_of_balrogs3533d ago

@Ghost, go play your White Knight Flop.

SpoonyRedMage3533d ago

I thought Metacritic scores didn't matter to PS3 owners? Because if so the 360 and Wii has higher rated games.;)

But yer, LO and BD<FF and DQ, although it's close.

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