iPGN: GudeBalls Review

The goal of the game is to make wheels explode all the wheels on the level by filling them up with the same color ball. You can transfer balls from one wheel to another along tracks, and you can still fill up wheels after they have exploded. The gameplay starts out basic, and gets absolutely frantic due the time bar that's always going down. It resets as soon as a new ball appears, but as long as there are no places available in the wheels, the ball will bounce back and forth on the top of the screen. This requires you to constantly rotate and shift balls around, all while trying to bring the colors together. This game is not for the feint of multitasking! As the game progresses, you come across increasingly difficult levels that will both challenge and frustrate.

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Anna Betowa3534d ago

It´s a great puzzle. I can´t stop playing it for hours.

carltonhilux3534d ago

This game doesn´t has marvelous graphics or music, but like Blocked its a fantastic puzzle with a brand new idea.

When I've discovered how to pass level 19, I've thought "This is one of best games I ever played".

Anna Betowa3534d ago

Level 19 is really very interesting.

felixsonchez3534d ago

I got GudeBalls Lite version now. Let´s see!

felixsonchez3534d ago

I've bought Full version and I´m in level 6 now!

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