Gamebosh Review: Opoona

The family centred in the middle of this intergalactic RPG might come across as the lovechild of Lego and Humpty Dumpty, but they're still regarded as some of bravest fighters in the universe. Little Opoona is separated from mum, dad, sis and his little bro when their space vacation goes arse over boob and he wakes up alone on the planet Landroll to find he has to earn his keep.

Presumably this game is designed to teach youngsters about the rewards of earning their own money and trying out which career they might be best suited to. As Opoona, you'll find yourself wandering around a Jetson-style metropolis, making friends while he searches for the missing members of his family (his brother Copoona is dressed in pink so you know he's from another planet).

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