AppGamer Review: Pocket God

When you load the game you're greeted by a lone and rather primitive island dweller, one whose intellect could be compared fairly to that of an Ostrich. Indeed if it were to rain their is a good chance he would drown. That is, if there was rain (yet) but don't let that that put a dampener on your spirits because as a consolation prize there's definitely lightning.

Your role in Pocket God is that of an all powerful overseer of a remote island in which you control the fates of the islanders by adding new life or destroying it. Mainly destroying it. With a current selection of seven natural and supernatural threats to torment your miniature populace the dangers currently range from anti-gravity to vampire bats.

The graphics are a bright, clean, cartoon style with cute uniquely designed characters and animations. Very easy on the eyes the art style sets the scene perfectly for the light hearted entertainment to be found within. The visuals are accompanied by a cute and upbeat, though slightly repetitive, soundtrack that you can have your islanders dance along to if you so desire.

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