Metal Gear Solid Touch Review -

Metal Gear Solid Touch finally graces the Iphone/Ipod but is it worth your time and money?

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Powertesties3439d ago

I have been waiting for a review on this to see if I should buy it. I just got it downloaded and so far, it seems pretty cool.

Good point about what to expect...this is the Iphone we are talking about!

motogamer3439d ago

This is certainly not as bad as I though it would be. I have been playing since this morning. As far as iphone games go this is pretty good.

ordellsway3439d ago

I will give it purchase. Always looking for something to get me away from Mafia.

morganfell3439d ago

I am definitely having a blast with this. Anyone that has doubts about it shouldn't. Two great mobile games in two days. Sweet.

PS360WII3439d ago

Morgan are you talking about Lets Golf as well? That game rocks :) and yes so does MGS Touch ^^ Played the first couple of missions and it plays very smooth and is rather fast paced action.

Gamertags3439d ago

What other mobile game are you talking about. Not only will I review it but would like another killer title to play!

phosphor1123439d ago

I'll be over here enjoying my lack of cell phone, mp3 player, and fast internet..yay love bein poor lol...

morganfell3439d ago

Other mobile game? Resistance Retribution. I am playing it on my big screen with a Dual Shock 3 - and rumble is enabled. This should be the blue print for every Sony PSP title.

barom3439d ago

what type of game is it? from the trailer it looked like a rail shooter (like House Of the Dead'ish). Are my perception correct?

3439d ago
felidae3439d ago


are you blind?

the answer is: YES!

yaboi3439d ago

im srry i promise to never talk bad on here again :(

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gw4k3439d ago

Second that. I will give it a shot.

Monkey5213439d ago

It really is fun. I think some people were expecting something beyond perfection. It is great for what it is.

solidt123439d ago

Im buying it as soon as my iPhone gets delivered friday.

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