Space Camp to Launch In June

Activision has announced it will release its light-hearted astronaut title, Space Camp, on the Wii and DS in June.

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Leord3479d ago

Awesome name =)

Camp ppl in space!

Maticus3479d ago

Haha! Yeah that's what it's about.

Dorjan3479d ago

I really hope they concentrate on the FUN aspect here. Sounds like they've got the right idea.

thetamer3479d ago

If ths is anything like space cadets, I'm not interested

Leord3479d ago

Haha, Space Cadets was awesome thoug! =D

Fyzzu3479d ago

Sadly, that news piece initially gave me the idea that it's going to be like a few older games I can think of - like, say, Damocles - and I now know it's not going to be anything like that. My heart is broken :(

Leord3479d ago

Meh, you are too weakling =P

AndyA3479d ago

Looking at the screens, it would seem not.

ceedubya93479d ago

Wasn't that the name of an old 80's movie?

ChaoticStupid3479d ago

Yes there was an 80s movie called Space Camp. A group of Kids at Space camp are launched into space and have to rely on their training and some help to get back safely. The Huntsville Space and Rocket Center in Alabama still holds Space Camp every year.